How to Care For Orchid Plants

Orchids are a stunning tropical blooming plant that can live a long life in your home or office. They regularly bloom with just minimal care. Here are some tips on how to take care of orchids and recommendations on the best place to keep them when displaying them indoors. Main Care Requirements for Orchids There are some basic orchid care tips. First, most orchids only require water once a week. Don't over water because this can cause root rot. Second, put your orchid in a bright windowsill, facing east or west. Third, orchids do well when fed weekly with an orchid fertilizer. Finally, it's best to repot the orchid once it stops blooming. Now, let's look at some more detailed tips on orchid care. Orchids are Diverse and Have Unique Care Needs It may be difficult to believe, but the orchid family has over 880 different types and more than 22,000 species. These tropical plants are known as "air plants" because they hang on to trees for support while others are "rock plants" and grow on or among rocks. Still other orchids are terrestrials and grow on the jungle floor. With so many home environments, it's easy to see why orchids also require diverse care. However, all orchids require the right light, food, humidity, water, air movement and temperature to thrive.  Orchid Containers Orchids do not grow in pots in the wild so it makes sense to think a lot about how putting them in containers may impact their comfort. Make sure to use a pot that can provide room for the roots to breath and move as well as provides an ample environment for moisture. Good options include plastic pots and ceramic pots. Making an Orchid Feel at Home Since orchids like humid environments due to their origins in the tropics, consider using a humidity tray to recreate that environment for the orchid. This also can help improve air flow. The temperature an orchid requires also depends on the type of orchid. Phalaenopsis orchids thrive in a daytime temperature anywhere in the mid seventies to mid eighties while dendrobiums like their temperature to be around 10 degrees cooler. Order Today! Call us to order your very own orchid plant or send one as a special gift. We offer no-contact delivery and curbside pickup at our Tucson flower shop.