Add Stunning Custom Floral Designs to Your Low-Key Holiday Party

Hosting a holiday party this year looks a lot different than in past years. There won't be any large events. Instead, we know this year is about keeping it small and within our direct families. However, that does not mean you can't make it a festive event during the holidays and, instead, create a low-key party with direct family and close friends. Turn these festivities into a holiday party with decor, appetizers, music, and games. To enhance the holiday ambiance, consider adding some custom floral designs from our Tucson flower shop, including floral displays for Christmas and New Year's. Our floral design team can create a custom holiday centerpiece for either holiday or develop one that works across both celebrations. We offer numerous price ranges for these custom centerpiece designs for Christmas and New Year's, including $75, $150, $200, and $250. When we create a custom centerpiece for a holiday party, we work with you directly on what you want. Please call and schedule a time to work with our floral design team. We can work over the phone or a video conference to keep everyone safe but help you stay involved in the floral vision for your holiday party. Plus, our floral design team can make other custom floral designs for you, including bouquets, flower arrangements, wreaths, garlands, and more. You will have a say in the style, color and flower choice, size, and container so we make sure your floral design matches your personal holiday party style.  No matter what format, theme, or size you want, we focus on using the freshest seasonal flowers, greenery, and accents. To offer the best value and pass that on to you, we purchase flowers and vases based on seasonal availability. This provides many options for you, but it also means that we sometimes run out of a certain flower or container! However, we are sure to find you something that works, or you can also consider dropping off specific containers you would like to use. There's still time to work with us on custom holiday floral designs! Contact us today and we can schedule a time to work with you to enhance your low-key holiday party experience.

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Impress Holiday Gift List Recipients with Festive Flowers, Plants, Decor and More

You are probably still working on crossing off those items on your holiday gift list. It's been a tough year, and you are thinking of ways to make the gifts extra special this year. Depending on who is on your list, you have many options to choose from and safely order and deliver thanks to your favorite Tucson flower shop and website. We've got something for every recipient on your holiday list who will be impressed with the selection of festive flowers, plants, decor, and more. Here are some holiday gift ideas: Wreaths and Garlands From fresh evergreen options to silk and artificial versions, you can choose from a wide range of wreaths and garlands. These make great holiday gifts because they help your recipient decorate their own homes with festive accents. Wreaths and garlands are also versatile that many of those on your list will appreciate -- from friends and family to clients and service personnel. There are also many styles to choose from, including rustic versions with burlap and pinecones as well as those traditional looks with red ribbons and shiny baubles. Tabletop Trees Another beautiful gift option is a fully-decorated tabletop tree, again with many styles and designs for the holidays. These breathtaking miniature Christmas trees are perfect for loved ones and special clients on your list. Holiday Centerpieces, Bouquets, and Poinsettias Everyone on your holiday gift list will be impressed when they receive a fresh or silk holiday centerpiece to grace the Christmas dinner table. If you don't opt for a larger floral design like a centerpiece, you can also send fresh seasonal bouquet or a poinsettia plant to show your appreciation of these recipients. There are different floral designs to match your recipients' personal preferences. Even custom holiday floral services are available to get something unique for each recipient. Also, poinsettias are a beautiful symbol of Christmas that makes an ideal gift for so many. This long-lasting plant can provide months of smiles for your recipients, even blooming again with very little maintenance.  Gift Baskets We also offer numerous gourmet and fresh fruit gift baskets that are ideal for giving during the holidays, providing lots of delicious treats your recipient can enjoy throughout the season. Choose from different sizes and themes to match these scrumptious gifts to your recipients. Order Today! We offer local Tucson delivery, using contactless service to keep everyone safe and secure! Order by phone or online.

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Send a Christmas Plant on Poinsettia Day to Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Poinsettia Day is just days away on Saturday, December 12th. Each year, this special day is held on December 12th as a way to recognize the incredible beauty in nature. In 2002, Poinsettia Day become a nationally recognized special day that offers another way to celebrate the holiday season.  Every year, it also provides a good reason to get into the giving spirit of the season and gift those around you with a beautiful poinsettia plant in red, white, or one of the other many varieties that are available. You may not realize that there are actually more than 100 different varieties of the poinsettia plant. However, the red poinsettia became popular in its association with Christmas and its use for producing a natural red dye. The white poinsettia is another variety that we have in our Tucson flower shop and one that is often requested by our customers during the holiday season. Of course, you can also enjoy poinsettias as part of a garden basket arrangement that offers other Christmas plants and seasonal green plants that enhance the seasonal celebrations.  If you would like to order poinsettias from our Tucson flower shop, please call or use our website. We offer contactless delivery throughout the Tucson area. Besides decorating your home with poinsettia plants and gifting them to friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, and service personnel, there are other ways to celebrate Poinsettia Day. Some of our local botanical gardens may be offering a way to enjoy seasonal plants and the season as well as drive through Christmas events that the entire family can enjoy. Other options include getting crafty on your own or getting your kids to join in on creating some poinsettia artwork. You can use different materials or order some materials from a local craft store. Whether you make poinsettia ornaments or wall art or create poinsettia pillow covers with fabric paint, any craft project is a perfect way to celebrate Poinsettia Day while also enhancing your Christmas decor. You might even make some items to give as gifts. Don't forget that you can even create some beverages or food inspired by the poinsettia. Think Poinsettia Punch with cranberry juice and whatever add-ins that make it an adult drink or a fun drink for everyone. You can also decorate sugar cookies to look like poinsettia plants. There are so many fun ways to get involved with Poinsettia Day. Now that more of us are at home, there's time to focus on these types of activities to make the most of the holiday season!  

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What is the Most Festive Way to Decorate for the Holidays?

The answer to that question is when you decorate with the assistance of your favorite Tucson florist, Mayfield Florist, of course! If you haven't started your holiday decorating, now is the time, and we are here to help!  Our Christmas collection, available in our Tucson flower shop and through our website, offers something for everyone, with many styles -- from traditional and elegant to rustic and whimsical -- to fit your decorating style for the holidays. Not sure where to start to transform your home into a holiday wonderland. Here are some Christmas decorating ideas. Let's start on the outside. Whether you are welcoming a few family members or adding to the festive mood of the neighborhood, you could add a fresh evergreen wreath to the front door and some garlands on any outside railings. Of course, you could also carry both of these inside your home, too! Poinsettia plants in red, white, or a combination of colors are also good for the porch or front entry way.  As you enter the home, your foyer can become another festive welcoming point with more poinsettias or a Christmas bouquet in red, white, and green. Another option is to add a smaller centerpiece like our Thomas Kincade centerpiece with a keepsake holiday building to re-us during future holidays. It even has window that light up so evening visitors will be enthralled by the cozy Christmas scene it offers. Think about other socially focused rooms that could benefit from holiday florals and Christmas plants, such as the family room, gathering room, and kitchen. If you are expecting guests, add some Christmas roses or a cube vase display to their guest room to carry the spirit of Christmas throughout your home. You might even consider giving your guests a flower arrangement that features a keepsake container like our whimsical snowman vase. Then, there is the all-important Christmas centerpiece. We have formal centerpieces in footed bowls as well as traditional holiday centerpieces with taper or pillar candles. There are also rustic centerpieces in wooden boxes or baskets that fit a more casual decorating style. Remember, your holiday decor doesn't have to match all the way through your home, inside and out. This type of decorating gives you the opportunity to theme each room for added visual enjoyment for your family and visitors. We offer curbside pickup and contactless delivery for your convenience. Let us know when you place your holiday order. Thank you for shopping with a local Tucson small business! We appreciate each one of you!

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