You will be amazed at the freshness and quality of the Mayfield Florist elegant Christmas centerpieces

Mayfield Florist We know at Mayfield Florist that Christmas centerpieces are an important addition to all holiday celebrations. A beautiful table centerpiece will add so much festive atmosphere and holiday spirit to any dinner table. The all-star floral designers at Mayfield Florist have expertly designed caring and eye-catching Christmas centerpieces to make your holiday dinner table extremely elegant and to please your dinner guests. We invite you to visit Mayfield Florist conveniently online or in person and see our fabulous Christmas Holiday centerpieces. Mayfield Florist designers continuously work hard to help customers find the right centerpiece to fit any holiday table size, shape or theme. Decorating Christmas dinner tables has been a tradition dating back for many centuries. There are many historical reasons people used centerpieces ranging from displaying wealth, power, prosperity and to ensure good fortune for loved ones. Regardless of what your reason may be to display a centerpiece, the Mayfield Florist team is prepared and eager to assist. The various flowers, decorations and evergreen that make up most centerpieces have symbolic meaning. For example, the evergreen, which is so common as a decoration, represents eternal life for those of the Christian faith. Evergreens are hardy and grow year-round even in the dead of winter. This representation is associated with the strength of Jesus and all that he endured. Often Christmas centerpieces are adorned with colorful decorations as well as evergreen and candles. The traditional selection of red, green and gold decorations is purposeful also. Gold is one of the first colors associated with Christmas. It symbolizes royalty as it was one of the three gifts of the Wise Men. Red symbolizes the blood of Jesus shed during crucifixion. When you shop for that perfect Christmas centerpiece to add holiday spirit and beauty to your holiday dinner table, please be sure to visit Mayfield Florist conveniently online or in person to see the best centerpieces in town. Your family and friends will be delighted as they gather with at your table for that special holiday meal.  To give you a glance at some of our wonderful selections, below are a few examples of our stunning selections which show the quality and beauty of our Christmas centerpieces.   Spirit of the Season - Spread the spirit of the holiday season by sending this lovely holiday arrangement to the home of friends and family. The low profile makes it a perfect centerpiece, although it will be equally at home in any room. Home › Christmas Centerpieces › Spirit of the Season     Designers Choice Christmas Centerpiece DC150 - Let our expert floral design team create a Christmas themed floral table centerpiece for your special someone. The image shown on the website is an example of the style of arrangement you may receive. Our designers will pick out the freshest birthday themed flowers that we have available and create a gorgeous floral design for you. To be clear, we purchase flowers and vases based on seasonal availability. Some of the flowers and the vase shown in [...]

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Send a Christmas Plant on Poinsettia Day to Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Poinsettia Day is just days away on Saturday, December 12th. Each year, this special day is held on December 12th as a way to recognize the incredible beauty in nature. In 2002, Poinsettia Day become a nationally recognized special day that offers another way to celebrate the holiday season.  Every year, it also provides a good reason to get into the giving spirit of the season and gift those around you with a beautiful poinsettia plant in red, white, or one of the other many varieties that are available. You may not realize that there are actually more than 100 different varieties of the poinsettia plant. However, the red poinsettia became popular in its association with Christmas and its use for producing a natural red dye. The white poinsettia is another variety that we have in our Tucson flower shop and one that is often requested by our customers during the holiday season. Of course, you can also enjoy poinsettias as part of a garden basket arrangement that offers other Christmas plants and seasonal green plants that enhance the seasonal celebrations.  If you would like to order poinsettias from our Tucson flower shop, please call or use our website. We offer contactless delivery throughout the Tucson area. Besides decorating your home with poinsettia plants and gifting them to friends, neighbors, colleagues, teachers, and service personnel, there are other ways to celebrate Poinsettia Day. Some of our local botanical gardens may be offering a way to enjoy seasonal plants and the season as well as drive through Christmas events that the entire family can enjoy. Other options include getting crafty on your own or getting your kids to join in on creating some poinsettia artwork. You can use different materials or order some materials from a local craft store. Whether you make poinsettia ornaments or wall art or create poinsettia pillow covers with fabric paint, any craft project is a perfect way to celebrate Poinsettia Day while also enhancing your Christmas decor. You might even make some items to give as gifts. Don't forget that you can even create some beverages or food inspired by the poinsettia. Think Poinsettia Punch with cranberry juice and whatever add-ins that make it an adult drink or a fun drink for everyone. You can also decorate sugar cookies to look like poinsettia plants. There are so many fun ways to get involved with Poinsettia Day. Now that more of us are at home, there's time to focus on these types of activities to make the most of the holiday season!  

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Give Poinsettias on Poinsettia Day to Family, Friends, and Colleagues

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Offers Fresh Poinsettia Plants With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. Flowers, plants, and gifts are available for local delivery with numerous delivery options available for this holiday season. Our Tucson flower shop and website offers a large array of holiday flowers, including decor and gifts. Let's kickoff holiday decorating and gift-giving with Poinsettia Day on December 12th. This beloved symbol of Christmas is one of the best ways to decorate for the holidays at your home or office. Put poinsettia plants on your porch to welcome guests. You can also display them on your stairs and throughout your home as an easy and festive way to decorate. Our Tucson flower shop offers red poinsettias and white poinsettias as well as poinsettia plants combined with foliage and seasonal plants. For example, our Holiday Homecoming Basket includes a red poinsettia, white cyclamen, green pothos and variegated dieffenbachia. All of these plants are then arranged in a natural handled basket. What a fantastic gift for Christmas! Now is the time to order your poinsettias for friends, family, neighbors, clients, colleagues and service personnel. The holiday plants are easy to care for and can live a long time, even blooming again next Christmas with just some simple maintenance. They only require a little water and indirect light. Also, keep them in a fairly cool place. Order your poinsettia plants today!

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Celebrating Poinsettia Day in Tucson

As a national holiday, Poinsettia Day celebrates the symbol of Christmas and encourages others to get into the holiday spirit. Poinsettia Day is Wednesday, December 12th so now is the time to order poinsettia plants from our Tucson flower shop for your home or business or as a gift for a client, family member, friend, or colleague. A poinsettia plant also makes a thoughtful gift for a service person like the gardener, pool technician, mail carrier, or housecleaner. Besides our offering of red or white poinsettia plants in an array of container choices, we also offer other arrangements that have poinsettias. Here are some ideas from our poinsettia collection: Red Poinsettia Basket This is a large basket that contains multiple red poinsettia plants. It's a great addition to your holiday decor but also makes a statement gift for someone special. Holiday Homecoming Basket This Christmas basket is just one example of the custom baskets we can make using poinsettia plants. The holiday basket has a red poinsettia, white cyclamen, green pothos, and variegated dieffenbachia displayed in a natural handled basket. Order through our Tucson flower shop or online through our website today! Poinsettia Care Once you get your poinsettia plant, there are some simple plant maintenance tips that you can use to keep it going throughout the year so that even continues to bloom during future holiday seasons. First, give it plenty of sunlight because it is actually considered to be a tropical plant. That means it also likes humidity, warmth, and regular watering. In the springtime, give your poinsettia some food, transplant it to a bigger container, and continue giving it water and sunshine. In the fall, put it in darkness to stop it from blooming too early. Then, when winter nears, you can fertilize it and bring it out into the sunshine to promote growth and blooming.

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Holiday Shopping Days are Here!

It's Black Friday, which means we are open and offering many great deals and treats to welcome you to our Tucson flower shop. We are a one-stop shop for decorations and gifts for the holiday season, including wreaths, garlands, poinsettia plants, Christmas lilies, traditional Christmas centerpieces, flower arrangements, bouquets and more. You can find our Christmas collection in our shop as well as through our website. We'll have many deals and promotions throughout the season, including Small Business Saturday, which is tomorrow, and Cyber Monday. Even leading up to Hanukkah and Christmas, there will be other specials offered while supplies last. This is the perfect opportunity to order your holiday flowers for now and through New Year's Day. You can also order for a holiday party, event, or winter wedding right now or in the Tucson flower shop this weekend.  You may even want to make an appointment to meet with our floral design team to create a custom Christmas centerpiece or custom Christmas bouquet. However, we do have some great new holiday floral designs this year, including those that come with keepsake baskets, coffee mugs, vases, and other unique containers. There is something for everyone. Beyond the flowers and holiday plants, you'll also discover seasonal collectibles, gift baskets, and products from local artisans that are truly unique.  We'd love to see you and get to know you better during the holiday season so we'll be here waiting!

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