Celebrating Good Neighbor Day on September 28th

September 28th is National Good Neighbor Day. It's been an official special day since 1978 when President Jimmy Carter enacted it into law. It's a great way to create more closeness and community within your neighborhood. After all, being in such close proximity means you should work together to keep the area safe, comfortable, and beautiful. Whether you are thanking long-time neighbors or welcoming new ones onto your street, make sure you celebrate this day with kind words, a get-together, and maybe even some special gifts like these from our Tucson flower shop or website: Golden Glow This terracotta pot contains golden fall flowers that delivers a bright and cheerful message to your neighbors while welcoming the fall season. Bromeliad. Kents Bromeliad Nursery, Ltd. Mark Mauthner photo. Fall Harvest Cube This contemporary fall arrangement features a cube vase filled with red, orange, and yellow spray roses. It's truly stunning. Golden Days Basket This basket flower arrangement is full of fall flowers in an array of warm and inviting colors. It makes a sweet gesture for that special neighbor you are so lucky to have. Money Tree This special green plant comes in either ceramic or a woven basket. It sends luck and messages of positive energy and good fortune. Bromeliad Combo Bromeliads are unique plants that are easy to take care of and last for years with simple maintenance. You can select from a variety of container types for this large flowering plant display. Mayfield's Fruit Basket This gift basket comes in three sizes and is a great way to show you care for your neighbors. It's full of fresh fruit and treats that are designed to send a loving message. Fruit Basket This gift basket also comes in multiple sizes and features favorites like fresh fruits, chocolates, and cheeses. It's a delicious way to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day. Come visit our Tucson flower shop, call us, or go online to order for this special upcoming September special day!

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Fall is Here in Tucson

Fall officially begins Friday, September 22nd. However, at our Tucson flower shop, we've been preparing for the new season for weeks. With many special occasions, including fall birthdays, fall weddings, and fall events not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving, we wanted to be ready to deliver some truly magical ways to enjoy the season. Whether you are looking for something to give to someone special or you want to add fall to your home or office, we've got you covered with these fall ideas: Fall Fantasia This fall flower arrangement comes in a glass vase and includes a wide range of fall flower varieties in rich and bold colors. It's a beautiful way to bring fall into your home, office, or event. Madera Canyon Magic This fall bouquet reflects the special canyon found just south of Tucson. There are bold and dramatic colors, numerous textures, and an array of flower varieties. It gives the viewer so much to look at in just one flower arrangement.  Fall In Tucson This stunning fall flower arrangement includes multi-color roses, lilies, and yellow alstroemeria all arranged in a unique mercury glass hurricane vase. You're Golden Sunflower Bouquet As a reminder of the sunshine that remains at the start of fall, this golden bouquet gives you numerous sunflowers. It's sure to put a smile on your recipient's face or even yours if you get this for yourself! Fall Harvest Cube Although it seems quite compact, this cube arrangement is overflowing with flowers that include red roses, orange roses, and yellow roses. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the fall season. Citrus Kissed This is a bright and cheerful way to bring in the fall season. It offers a mix of bold and sunny colors, illustrating the movement from summer to fall. It's a good way to hang onto those bright days before fall brings us those shorter daylight hours. Order today so you can have all your floral decor and gifts sorted out for the season!

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National Grandparents’ Day is Here!

Sunday, September 10th is National Grandparents' Day, so it's that special time to take your grandparents out for a meal, call them if they live far away, and even send a special gift of flowers that will be sure to delight them.  Often, grandparents become lonely because they may be away from the rest of the family or not do as much as they used to. Having a day like this reminds us to really make an effort to show our love for these special people who adore us. At our Tucson flower shop and on our website, we have a special collection of flowers that are sure to delight your grandparents like these special arrangements and bouquets: Love's Divine Bouquet Standing at about two feet tall, this flower arrangement includes a mix of red and white roses as well as white accent flowers. Glorious Day This flower arrangement comes in a couture vase and features a combination of pink and yellow flowers, bringing smiles to your grandparents' faces. Limelight Bouquet This unique flower arrangement is a vision of green with an array of greenery and green flowers. It's a real standout! Beautiful Whisper This flower arrangement includes sublime light pink and white roses, lilies and Queen Anne's lace in an elegant vase. Sparkling Sunshine Bouquet This is a yellow-themed flower arrangement with sunflowers, alstroemeria, solidago, and spray roses in various shades of yellow. A Dozen Pink Roses This is simply a stunning flower display of 12 long-stemmed pink roses. Pink is the color of affection so your grandparents will appreciate your sentiment.  You're Golden Sunflower Bouquet This cheerful arrangement of flowers offers a vase full of the sunshine in the form of sunflowers. It comes in a bamboo box or other container of choice.  Order Today! Remember that you can call or visit our Tucson flower shop to place a local Tucson delivery or a national delivery. Make sure your grandparents know how much you love them on their special day!  

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September Birthday Gift Ideas

If you have a friend, family member, colleague or client in Tucson or anywhere in the U.S., for that matter, who has a birthday in the month of September, it's time to start planning and ordering those gifts. Otherwise, the month will get away from you. And, you don't want to forget any of these special people. We're here to help you get all those birthday gifts for September celebrations. Whether you visit our Tucson flower shop or you browse online through our website and order there, you can enjoy variety, value, and exceptional quality along with customer experience. To get you in the right frame of mind to shop for September birthday flowers and gifts, check out these highlights from our birthday collection: Rose Sorbet This rose arrangement for birthdays includes multi-colored standard and spray roses in a glass bubble bowl. Honeybee Canyon Bouquet This is the perfect flower arrangement that combines the end of summer with the start of autumn. It contains sunflowers and orange alstroemeria arranged in a glazed ceramic pot.  Pretty Pink Present This pink present includes an array of pink flowers in a hot pink gift box along with bright green blossoms and a bow to finish the birthday presentation off.  Birthday Celebration This one-sided birthday arrangement includes colorful streamers and a birthday candle design on the vase.  Flowers include orange spray roses, red miniature carnations, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, purple statice and more. Enchanted Journey This romantic flower arrangement is the perfect birthday gift for a special someone in your life. It contains a mix of premium flowers in beautiful shades of red and purple.  It's My Party by Teleflora This jewel-toned modern cube features red and purple flowers. It's sure to make anyone smile. Other Gifts Don't forget that we have other special birthday gifts in our Tucson flower shop. This includes birthday balloon bouquets, gourmet food gifts, and seasonal gift items at our Tucson florist location. We also can create custom flower arrangements and custom birthday bouquets. All you need to do is make an appointment, come in and work with our designers, and you can take them with you or schedule a delivery!  

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