Celebrate National Floral Design Day at Our Tucson Flower Shop

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Has the Best Floral Designers With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. Our award-winning floral design team is the best in Tucson, offering the most beautiful floral designs for your wedding, birthday celebration, or special event. Let's celebrate their artistry and the art of floral design together this February 28th, which is National Floral Design Day. The special day was created to honor floral design as an art form and to recognize the value floral design education plays in moving the art form forward. Come visit our Tucson flower shop and see all the different floral design choices available as well as watch our floral designers in action. We also have bulk flowers so you can try your hand at floral design and maybe even consider it as a hobby or career for yourself. You'll be able to see how floral design can transmit all types of feelings and emotions through arranging certain flowers, greenery, colors, and accents together as well as using different containers to further amplify the effect.  It's a true art form akin to painting and other creative skills. You can also celebrate National Floral Design Day by sharing your love of flowers and floral design with others on social media as well as by sending someone flowers that you care about. Why not get some flowers to enhance the beauty of your home or office, too? Here are some beautiful examples of our floral designers at work: Love Everlasting Bouquet This stunning floral design combines pink lilies, blue hydrangea, and other seasonal flowers and greenery. Tanque Verde Valley Our floral designers offer this unique floral arrangement with bright and bold colors in a glass filled with oranges. It's bursting with color. Desert Sunset Bouquet Our floral design team created this upscale floral design inspired by the local Tucson sunsets. With a mix of colors, this unique floral display showcases protea, roses, tulips, safari sunset, carnations, seeded eucalyptus, and seasonal greenery. Come see all these floral designs for yourself!      

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Mayfield Florist has Flowers and Gifts For Every July Occasion

Mayfield Florist The Best Florist in Tucson For Special Gifts Mayfield Florist is a family owned and operated floral design firm. Our firm was voted "Best Florist in Tucson" on numerous occasions. Most recently, we received that honor for 2018. Mayfield Florist employs a super talented team of floral designers. They create luxurious, upscale floral designs. We operate 2 flower shops in the greater Tucson, Arizona area. Our Eastside/ Foothills design center is located at 7181 Tanque Verde Tucson, Arizona 85715. The Central Flower Shop is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716.  It's time to celebrate all the special occasions of July by visiting our Tucson flower shop or website. July is a special month because there are so many special occasion days that revolve around family. July 24th is Cousin's Day; July 26th is Aunt and Uncle Day; July 28th is Parent's Day; and July 30th is Father-in-Law Day. It's these special days that remind us how important every family member is and that they need to hear from us how they are loved and appreciated. We're here to help with some thoughtful gifts for these special family days of July. Whether you need to send a gift or are hosting a family day, we have everything from bouquets and garden baskets to gift baskets, balloons, and cards. Here are some gift ideas for special occasion days in July: Delicious Delights Basket Let's start with some gift baskets. This one offers a mix of gourmet food, savory snacks, and fresh, seasonal fruit. Items vary based on availability. You can also choose from three sizes of gift baskets. Wildcat Snack Basket This is a fun and indulgent gift basket filled with all those junk food goodies like soda, chips, popcorn, candies, and chocolate. Serene Retreat This special garden basket contains a mix of green plants along with one flowering plant. It's a long-lasting gift that your loved ones will enjoy for years to come with just a little maintenance. Just Make Lemonade Send this bouquet of yellow lilies and lemons arranged in a bubble bowl vase. It's bright, unique, and cheerful. Time to place your order for local Tucson delivery as well as national delivery on most items.  

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Shop Our Best-Selling Collection

There is no time like right now to start shopping our best-seller flower collection for upcoming special occasions and celebrations. Our Tucson flower shop and website offer a wide selection of popular flower designs for decor and gift-giving. Here are some of the highlights to get you in the mood to shop for gorgeous flowers: Freaky Fourth Avenue Our floral designers created a spectacular floral display that offers hot pink roses, green cymbidium orchids, orange mini roses, and succulent cuts in a leaf-lined glass cylinder vase. Payson Sensation Orange Ecuadorian long-stemmed roses are arranged with green full-bloom hydrangea and succulent plants with seeded eucalyptus and greenery accents and then displayed in a leaf-lined cylinder vase. Colors Of The Rainbow Bouquet Bold and brilliant colors of the rainbow are featured in this floral display that showcases hydrangea, roses, and lilies. Vivid Red, yellow, and purple flowers offer a bold and brilliant way to send your thoughts to someone special or in need of cheering up. High Desert Blooms Our customers love their Arizona sunflowers so this is the perfect arrangement that features those beautiful and bright flowers along with long-stemmed Ecuadorian roses, seasonal greenery, and seeded eucalyptus in a glass cylinder vase. Citrus Kissed This floral display offers a mix of orange, yellow, and green flowers and seasonal greenery accents. Bisbee Grand This bouquet is a luxury flower arrangement with premium flowers like cymbidium orchids, jade green roses, and hydrangea. It also includes natural wood and succulent accents. Everything is arranged in a rustic wooden box. Check out these flower arrangement and other favorite floral displays in our Tucson flower shop today!  

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Celebrating March Special Days with Flowers

March 20th is a special day because it offers three celebrations in the span of one day. There is Proposal Day for marriage, love, and commitment. Then, it's the first day of Spring. And, finally, it's International Earth Day when we recognize and draw awareness to how we treat Mother Nature and the environment around us. All three special March days are ideal for flowers. First, Proposal Day can involve planning your wedding flowers with us, including using our exclusive wedding flower website and enjoying a free wedding consultation at our Tucson flower shop to help you plan this life event. The other two celebrations are an ideal way to include these special spring flowers like these arrangements: Pastel Parade Premium Pastels are the perfect flower color for Spring, and this flower arrangement features a wide variety of blooms for your home or office decor or gift-giving needs. Meant To Be Bouquet by Teleflora A mix of yellow roses and pink carnations creates a cheerful floral display that is perfect for a spring party or special gift. Mayfield's Aqua Dream Bouquet Named after the exclusive vase, this all-around floral design bouquet includes a sunshine combination of flowers like yellow roses, white lilies, and brightly colored daisies. The vase is an aqua-glazed ceramic vase with distressed details. Emerald Elegance Bouquet A green glass cube vase highlights this bouquet of green and yellow spring flowers along with greenery accents. Lily Sunshine Lilies are a spring flower favorite due to their bright colors and large blooms. This arrangement offers bright yellow lilies and seasonal greenery in a vase. Come see all of our spring flowers for yourself at our Tucson flower shop today!    

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It’s Plant a Flower Day!

Today -- March 12th -- is Plant a Flower Day. At the end of the week, we also have St. Patrick's Day on Sunday, March 17th. Both occasions are a great reason to add some spring flowers to your home and office as well as gift them to someone else so they also welcome spring in such a beautiful way. Here are some ideas for both special March days: Plants Galore This beautiful woodchip basket is filled with many types of seasonal blooming, flowering, and green plants that can be replanted in your garden or in individual containers. Sabino Canyon Sunrise Here's an incredible floral design with orange Ecuadorian Roses, orchids, full bloom hydrangea, green spider mums and more in a glass cylinder vase filled with natural river pebbles. Bisbee Grand Our floral designers have created a stunning bouquet with cymbidium orchids, jade green roses, hydrangea, and other premium flowers along with natural wood and succulents displayed in a wooden box. Limelight Bouquet This is a green arrangement with multiple shades of green across a wide array of flowers and greenery accents. Shades Of Brilliance Bouquet This is a rainbow-inspired flower arrangement with multiple primary colors across flower varieties, such as lilies, roses, and alstroemeria arranged in a box. Check all of these out in our Tucson flower shop today or through our website!      

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The Sean Coleman Blood Drive is Saturday, November 24th

Our Tucson flower shop has always been about giving back to our community and helping others. This year is no different as we once again are partnering to host the blood drive for Sean Coleman. It will be held on Saturday, November 24th from 9am to 2pm. The blood drive will be located at 7181 E. Tanque Verde Rd. Each year, Mayfield Florist and The American Red Cross work together to host this important event. It’s a way that you can also get involved and help your community. Co-Owner, Dan Colman, has been doing this blood drive since 2003 as a way honor his son Sean Coleman whose life was saved by a blood transfusion after he had a heart transplant when he was just four months old. Sean’s older brother, Patrick, had the same condition at 13 months. However, doctors were not able to save him. At the time, Sean was placed on a transplant waiting list in hopes of surviving. Fortunately, a heart was located and he became the youngest heart transplant patient at University Medical Center. Today, Sean is an active young man who is living life to the fullest.  Don and his wife, Danielle, hand out a free dozen roses to each person who donates blood during this annual blood drive to show their thanks. Each customer can choose to keep the roses or donate them to Peppi’s House (TMC Hospice) or the Diamond Children’s Medical Center. Please contact Don Coleman at 520-885-6987 or American Red Cross at 520-230-7295 to schedule your appointment to help save lives as well as ask any questions before coming out.  If you do plan to come out and donate, we suggest eating a small meal first and drinking plenty of water. Bring your photo ID, wear a short-sleeved shirt, and don’t exercise or lift heavy items after donating.  See you on November 24th! Thank you so much for your support!

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Celebrating Halloween with Flowers and Seasonal Accents

Halloween arrives on October 31st so it's just around the corner but not too late to include a bit of floral festive flair in your home, office, or upcoming Halloween event. Our Tucson flower shop has a lot of Halloween decor that you'll enjoy for yourself or as a gift for someone else. Here are some of those ideas to bring fall into your space: Fall Fantasia This is perfect for an elegant Halloween event. It comes with premium fall flowers and accent colors in a stunning glass vase. Fall In Tucson Showcase the dramatic look of fall with this arrangement of multi-color roses, lilies, and yellow alstroemeria in a glass hurricane vase. Mayfield's Golden Gratitude Bouquet It's never too early to start thinking about what you are grateful during this season of giving thanks. This beauty is full of peach roses and sunflowers that are arranged in a keepsake, hand-glazed stoneware measuring cup. The cup is safe to use for cooking. Golden Glow This bouquet offers a beautiful mix of warm, glowing flowers and fall accents that add brightness as the days grow shorter. Sunflower Topiary As part of the rustic flair for your Halloween event, this topiary is a great addition. It is topped with Arizona sunflowers and then finished with numerous autumn accents and greenery. Fall Harvest Cube Red roses, orange roses, and yellow roses highlight this fall bouquet displayed in a glass cube vase. Pumpkins! We have many flower arrangement designs that can be included in some of our ceramic pumpkin keepsake containers, which adds to the Halloween feel. Custom Halloween Bouquets Don't forget that we can also make anything you want for your Halloween event or decor. Just call our Tucson flower shop today and make an appointment to work with our floral design team on a custom Halloween flower arrangement.

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Flowers and Gifts for Special July Days

July is full of those special days that recognize family members each of which should be celebrated for adding to your life and providing support. These special July days include Parent's Day on July 22nd, Cousin's Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. Here are some gift ideas from our floral and gift collections that you can order at our Tucson flower shop or through our website: Purple Tapestry Bouquet This flower arrangement includes a number of purple flower varieties in a purple vase. Sunny Day Pitcher of Sunflowers This bright and bold display includes a yellow keepsake pitcher that has been filled with large sunflowers. Mayfield's Summerhaven This floral display offers a bubble bowl that has been filled with colorful gerbera daisies in an array of bright colors. Money Tree Send your loved ones this green plant that comes in a ceramic container or a woven basket. It's known to bring good luck to the recipient. Mayfield's Fruit Basket This healthy gift basket shows you care. It offers seasonal fruit along with other savory snacks like crackers and cheese. There are different sizes available. Wildcat Snack Basket Fill up a hungry wildcat with this basket full of snacks that includes popcorn, candy, soda, and chips. Bon Vivant Gourmet Basket This large gift basket contains a sizable amount of fresh fruit and gourmet goodies that the entire family can share on any special day. Check out the many other flower arrangements, bouquets, custom flower arrangements, dish and basket gardens, and seasonal gifts that we have available online and in our Tucson flower shop today!    

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Celebrate Special June Days with Plants and Flowers

June is filled with many special celebration days. Two of these are National Gardening Exercise Day on June 6th and Best Friends Day on June 8th. Both are intended to remind us of those special parts of our life that make it so great. First, we want to celebrate nature and the outdoors as well as the health benefits that accompany that. Second, we want to recognize that special person in our life that supports us no matter what. At our Tucson flower shop and garden center, we have many ways you can celebrate these two June occasion days with both plants and flowers like these great ideas: Plants Galore This is great for a garden lover or even a garden novice. A woodchip basket features multiple seasonal green plants and blooming plants. Dish Garden Ceramic Planter - Large This large ceramic planter offers a lot of colorful blooming plants and greenery. There are other sizes, too, which are smaller if a different size suits you. Mayfield's Cactus Garden This green display includes assorted cactus that is displayed in a terra cotta pot or a ceramic container. It's a great representation of what we offer here in Tucson as part of our natural landscape. Terrarium Succulent Garden Large We have three sizes of terrariums available. This large version includes a wide range of succulents that are perfect for bringing the outside in to your home or office. Madera Canyon Magic This bouquet reflects the beauty and grandeur of this nearby canyon just south of Tucson. The one-sided floral display Bold and Beautiful This cheerful floral display is great for a best friend. It offers roses, asters, mums, snapdragons, and gerbera daisies Vivid Vivid colors include red, yellow, and purple flowers. Your best friend is sure to love getting this on Best Friends Day. Mayfield's Grand Canyon Cube This all-around floral arrangement offers deep and vibrant hues like orange as well as multiple types of beautiful seasonal blooms. It's compact but is bursting with a sentiment to show your love and appreciation for your best friend.

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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Tucson with Flowers

Mother's Day is Sunday, May 13th. This is the time to let mom know just how much you appreciate her and all that she continues to do for you. Now, we can help you with a Mother's Day collection that includes flowers, blooming and green plants, and other special gifts. Check out some of our Mother's Day gift ideas here that can be delivered locally throughout Tucson and some are available for national delivery: Rhapsody in Purple An exclusive couture vase holds a wide array of seasonal purple-hued flowers as well as lush greenery all for Mom. Love Everlasting Bouquet This Mother's Day bouquet showcases pink lilies, blue hydrangea, and other seasonal floral favorites plus greenery. Simply Splendid Bouquet A leaf-wrapped cylinder vase contains roses, hydrangea, and alstroemeria that Mom will be sure to love. Enchanted Cottage This sweet bouquet offers an array of treasured flower varieties in bold colors for Mother's Day. Mayfield's Monsoon Bouquet Mom will be stunned by the gorgeous colors. There are hot pink and creme roses, orange lilies, purple stock, and pink spray roses and hydrangea.  These beauties arrive in a clear vase. European Garden Basket Mom will enjoy this perfect combination of green and blooming plants arranged in a garden basket.  In Love With Lime There are pink roses and lilies along with lime green blooms. These are arranged for Mom in a leaf green cube. Mayfield's Beautiful Butterfly Bouquet This Mother's Day, give Mom three gifts in one. This features a hand-glazed lavender ceramic keepsake vase, a bouquet of pink and lavender blooms and a shimmering, faceted glass butterfly charm on a delicate silver-plated chain. Mayfield's Country Skies Bouquet Mom will love this pink bouquet that arrives in a keepsake hand-glazed stoneware crock with a crackled finish and etched bee motif. Besides these Mother's Day gifts, we also have balloons and balloon bouquets, greeting cards, gift baskets, green plants, dish gardens and local seasonal gift items and collectibles. Come check them out in our Tucson flower shop today!

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