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Graduation is a significant milestone that deserves a celebration filled with joy, pride, and beautiful memories. One timeless way to honor graduates is by gifting them flowers and plants. This guide will explore the best Graduation Flowers and Plants for girls, boys, and parents, ensuring you find the perfect way to commemorate this special occasion. Whether you are a parent, friend, or event planner, these ideas will help you make any graduation event truly unforgettable.







Why Choose Flowers and Plants for Graduation?

Flowers and plants symbolize growth, achievement, and new beginnings, making them ideal gifts for graduates. They brighten up any space and serve as a lasting reminder of the hard work and dedication that led to this momentous day. Plus, with the vast variety of options available, you can select blooms and greenery that perfectly match the recipient’s personality and style.

Girl Graduation Floral Gifts

  • Roses – Roses are classic and versatile, symbolizing love, admiration, and appreciation. For a meaningful girl graduation floral gift, consider a bouquet of pink roses, which represent grace and joy, or yellow roses, symbolizing friendship and new beginnings.
  • Lilies – Lilies are elegant and sophisticated, making them a great choice for celebrating academic achievements. White lilies symbolize purity and commitment, while orange lilies convey confidence and energy.
  • Orchids – Orchids are exotic and luxurious, perfect for a graduate who loves unique and striking flowers. They represent strength, beauty, and refinement, making them an ideal gift for commemorating a significant accomplishment.
  • Flower Crowns – For a whimsical and enchanting touch, consider gifting a flower crown. These wearable arrangements are perfect for graduation photos and ceremonies, adding a touch of bohemian charm to any outfit.

Boy Graduation Floral Gifts

  • Sunflowers – Sunflowers are bright and cheerful, symbolizing positivity and success. Their bold appearance and sunny disposition make them an excellent choice for boy graduation floral gifts.
  • Succulents – Succulents are trendy and low-maintenance, making them perfect for graduates who appreciate stylish yet practical gifts. They symbolize endurance and resilience, aligning perfectly with the journey of academic achievement.
  • Bonsai Trees –Bonsai trees are unique and thoughtful gifts that represent patience, harmony, and balance. They make an excellent addition to any space and serve as a lasting reminder of the hard work and dedication it took to reach graduation.
  • Mixed Bouquets – For a vibrant and dynamic gift, consider a mixed bouquet featuring a variety of blooms. Incorporate bold colors and unique textures to create a visually stunning arrangement that celebrates the graduate’s individuality.

Parent Graduation Floral Gifts

  • Elegant Arrangements – Parents play a crucial role in supporting their children through their academic journeys. Show your appreciation with an elegant floral arrangement featuring a mix of classic blooms like roses, lilies, and hydrangeas.
  • Potted Plants – Potted plants are a thoughtful and long-lasting gift that parents can enjoy for years to come. Consider options like peace lilies, snake plants, or fiddle-leaf figs, which are both visually appealing and easy to care for.
  • Floral Centerpieces – For parents hosting a graduation celebration, a beautiful floral centerpiece can enhance the festive atmosphere. Choose arrangements that complement the event’s color scheme and theme, creating a cohesive and elegant look.
  • Customized Bouquets – Create a personalized bouquet that reflects the parents’ tastes and preferences. Incorporate their favorite flowers and colors to craft a meaningful and unique gift that shows your gratitude.

Graduation Flowers and Plants for Events

  • Decorative Garlands – Garlands made of fresh flowers and greenery can add a touch of elegance to any graduation event. Drape them over doorways, tables, or arches to create a celebratory and inviting ambiance.
  • Floral Backdrops – Create a stunning photo opportunity with a floral backdrop. Use a mix of blooms and greenery to design a visually striking display that serves as the perfect setting for capturing graduation memories.
  • Table Arrangements – Enhance your event’s decor with beautiful table arrangements. Choose flowers that match your color scheme and theme, ensuring a cohesive and polished look throughout the celebration.
  • Living Walls – For a modern and eco-friendly touch, consider incorporating living walls into your event decor. These vertical gardens add a unique and refreshing element to the celebration, creating a memorable experience for all attendees.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Graduation Flowers and Plants

  • Consider the Recipient’s Preferences – When selecting graduation flowers and plants, think about the recipient’s personal style and preferences. Choose blooms and greenery that align with their tastes to ensure they receive a gift they will truly appreciate.
  • Match the Occasion’s Theme – If you are planning a graduation event, consider the overall theme and color scheme when choosing flowers and plants. This will help create a cohesive and visually appealing atmosphere.
  • Choose Long-Lasting Blooms – Select flowers and plants that are known for their longevity to ensure the recipient can enjoy their gift for as long as possible. Options like orchids, succulents, and potted plants are excellent choices for lasting beauty.
  • Add Personal Touches – Incorporate personalized elements into your floral gifts to make them even more special. Consider adding a custom vase, a handwritten note, or a small keepsake to create a meaningful and memorable present.


Graduation is a momentous occasion that deserves to be celebrated with beautiful and meaningful gifts. Flowers and plants are timeless symbols of growth, achievement, and new beginnings, making them the perfect choice for honoring graduates. Whether you are looking for a girl graduation floral gift, a boy graduation floral gift, or a parent graduation floral gift, this guide offers a variety of options to suit every taste and style.

Remember to consider the recipient’s preferences, match the occasion’s theme, and add personal touches to create a truly memorable gift. By choosing the right flowers and plants, you can make any graduation celebration even more special and unforgettable.

Ready to find the perfect graduation flowers and plants? Explore our curated collection and discover the ideal gift to celebrate this significant milestone. And do not forget to share your graduation floral arrangements on social media for a chance to be featured on our page! Congratulations to all the graduates, we wish you all the best on your future endeavors. Keep growing and blooming! So, do not wait any longer, bring a smile to someone’s face with beautiful graduation floral gifts today!

Gift Ideas for Graduation Floral Gifts

In addition to flowers and plants, there are many other thoughtful and unique gift ideas that can complement your graduation floral gifts. Some ideas include:

  • Personalized graduation keepsakes such as custom photo frames, engraved jewelry, or monogrammed items.
  • Self-care packages with items like candles, bath bombs, face masks, and relaxing teas to help the graduate relax and unwind after their hard work.
  • Practical gifts such as a planner, stationery set, or laptop case to help the graduate stay organized and prepared for their next chapter.
  • Gift cards to their favorite stores or restaurants, allowing them to treat themselves and celebrate their accomplishments.

No matter what you choose, pairing your graduation floral gift with a thoughtful and personalized touch will make it even more special for the recipient.

Graduation Season in Tucson 

We offer classic Hawaiian Bombay Orchid Leis for $74.95.

If wanting to give your grad a bouquet of fresh flowers to congratulate them on their success, Mayfield Florist can put something beautiful together that will put a smile on their face. Presentation style bouquets start at $50 and go up depending on size and style.

The University of Arizona’s main graduation is May 10th, 2024

Tucson Unified School District’s graduations are May 22nd & 23rd, 2024

Catalina Foothills School District graduation is on May 22nd, 2024

Vail School District graduations start with Cienega High School on May 10th, 2024, and conclude with Andrada Polytechnic on May 24th, 2024

Mayfield Florist offers the best selection of flowers in Tucson Arizona. We have many flower arrangements that would make perfect graduation gifts. Shop online for graduation flowers or gift options. If you are in the area, we invite you to stop by either of our two floral design centers to see all of the many great options we have available. If you need something truly unique, contact our shop. We can custom design the exact floral arrangement that you have in mind.

Graduations are a time to celebrate the past and look towards the future. It’s also a great opportunity to show off your style and dress up in a way that’s appropriate for the event. Whether you’re attending your own graduation or going to see your friend graduate, make sure you’re dressed appropriately.

One of the most common ways people celebrate graduations is by wearing a boutonniere—which is an accessory that sits on the lapel of a man’s suit jacket or blazer. The boutonniere can be as simple as a silk flower attached by wire or as fancy as a whole rose garden with real flowers and leaves. The point is that it’s something that adds some color and elegance to your outfit without being too flashy or distracting from your overall look.

A corsage is another type of flower accessory worn by women at formal events like graduations, weddings, proms, etc. The difference between a corsage and a boutonniere is that corsages typically have more than one flower attached so they are fuller looking than just one stem sticking out of your jacket pocket; they also tend to be bigger than boutonnieres, so they stand out more on their own without

Graduation Boutonnieres
A boutonniere is a flower that is worn on the lapel of a man’s suit. The award winning designers at Mayfield create boutonnieres using a variety of farm-fresh flowers. Some of the most popular floral varieties used in boutonnieres include roses, lilies, irises, orchids, and many more. Boutonnieres come in all different styles—some are simple and elegant while others are ornate and complex. You can choose to have one large flower or several smaller ones together on your lapel.

Graduation Corsages
Corsages are a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit, and they’re perfect for graduations, proms and homecoming events. Corsages are usually made with flowers like roses, lilies, or baby’s breath. But you can also use feathers or other embellishments like ribbons and charms.

You can choose from a variety of styles including wrist corsages, waist corsages, and even head corsages. A wrist corsage usually has a simple design with one or two flowers and is placed on the wrist using an elastic band. A waist corsage has more flowers than a wrist corsage does and typically has some kind of handle so it can be worn around the waist like a belt. A head corsage will have even more flowers than a waist corsage does and may include ribbon that wraps around the head like an actual crown to hold everything in place!


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Big Night Orchid Corsage
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