Stylish Flowers For New Years and Winter Events

Even with Christmas Day past, there are still holiday parties in the works, including New Years events. This requires a lot of special planning and attention, including how to create the right ambiance. At our Tucson flower shop, we know that flowers like bouquets and centerpieces can create a beautiful backdrop for a memorable winter party. Here are some examples from our holiday collection: Holiday Enchantment Bouquet This special holiday celebration display includes red roses, white lilies, and festive accents like berries and pine. It is a tall, one-sided arrangement. Mayfield's Woodland Winter Bouquet A glass cube is filled with bright flowers and fresh winter greens, making this an ideal size for a party where you want to put a festive floral display on each table. Mayfield's Woodland Wonderland This stunning floral display for a holiday party includes seasonal greenery, hydrangea, roses, pinecones, and succulents. It's a unique and stunning way to decorate your special holiday event. Royal Christmas Centerpiece This shimmering golden centerpiece creates an elegant look for your New Years formal dinner or special black-tie event. Silver Elegance Centerpiece This is another sophisticated choice for a special winter gala, event, wedding, or New Years' celebration. Thomas Kincade Snowfall Dreams This festive arrangement adds color and cheer for any winter event. It includes red roses and fresh winter greenery along with a keepsake hand-painted Thomas Kinkade sculpture with a light-up covered bridge. Custom Event Flowers And, if you don't see anything from our regular festive collection, you can make an appointment to work with our floral design and events team to do custom flower arrangements for your New Years or another holiday event. Be sure to also check out our Tucson flower shop for more decoration ideas for your upcoming holiday party.

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Surprise and Delight Others During the Holidays

Surprise and delight those who have helped you all year long with a special holiday arrangement or bouquet. At our Tucson flower shop, we have a Christmas collection that offers a wide array of options: Holiday Magic Give this special bouquet to a colleague, client, or service worker to show them how much you appreciate their help. It includes red roses and white lilies in a tall ruby vase. Mayfield's Halls Of Holly Centerpiece Make someone's holiday table shine by gifting them with this festive centerpiece of roses and wintergreen arranged in a keepsake oven-to-table stoneware serving dish. It's beautiful and practical! Mayfield's Candy Cane Christmas It's A Candy Cane Christmas! Bursting with Christmas spirit, this lush rose bouquet is accented with candy canes and pine cones for a touch of festive fun. Mayfield's Classic Pearl Ornament This beautiful gift arrangement includes a keepsake ornament jar that has a pearlized glaze, vintage tree artwork, and rhinestone accents. The bouquet includes red roses and holly. Mayfield's Snoopy Christmas Mug Snoopy and Charlie Brown lovers will appreciate this hand-painted collectible holiday mug filled with red carnations, white mums, and winter greenery. Mayfield's Snowy Daydreams Bouquet This holiday gift of flowers arrives in a keepsake, vintage-inspired metal kettle with smiling snowman design. Mayfield's Christmas Present Perfect This gift comes pre-wrapped for you so all you have to do is hand it to your recipient. A gift box container holds a festive bouquet along with real candy canes. It's a sweet gesture during the season of giving. Mayfield's Send A Hug Bear Buddy Send a holiday hug with this cute polar bear container and festive bouquet. Luxurious Indulgence This luxury gift basket has it all for the chocolate and coffee lover. There are chocolate-covered strawberries and chocolate covered almonds as well as gourmet coffee among all the. goodies in this large basket. Place your order today to ensure holiday delivery! From all of us at Mayfield Florist, we wish you and yours a happy holiday!  

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Celebrating Poinsettia Day in Tucson

As a national holiday, Poinsettia Day celebrates the symbol of Christmas and encourages others to get into the holiday spirit. Poinsettia Day is Wednesday, December 12th so now is the time to order poinsettia plants from our Tucson flower shop for your home or business or as a gift for a client, family member, friend, or colleague. A poinsettia plant also makes a thoughtful gift for a service person like the gardener, pool technician, mail carrier, or housecleaner. Besides our offering of red or white poinsettia plants in an array of container choices, we also offer other arrangements that have poinsettias. Here are some ideas from our poinsettia collection: Red Poinsettia Basket This is a large basket that contains multiple red poinsettia plants. It's a great addition to your holiday decor but also makes a statement gift for someone special. Holiday Homecoming Basket This Christmas basket is just one example of the custom baskets we can make using poinsettia plants. The holiday basket has a red poinsettia, white cyclamen, green pothos, and variegated dieffenbachia displayed in a natural handled basket. Order through our Tucson flower shop or online through our website today! Poinsettia Care Once you get your poinsettia plant, there are some simple plant maintenance tips that you can use to keep it going throughout the year so that even continues to bloom during future holiday seasons. First, give it plenty of sunlight because it is actually considered to be a tropical plant. That means it also likes humidity, warmth, and regular watering. In the springtime, give your poinsettia some food, transplant it to a bigger container, and continue giving it water and sunshine. In the fall, put it in darkness to stop it from blooming too early. Then, when winter nears, you can fertilize it and bring it out into the sunshine to promote growth and blooming.

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Decorating For Christmas With Flowers, Wreaths, and Poinsettias

The official holiday decorating season has arrived and our Tucson flower shop is ready to help you show off your holiday style both in your home and outdoors. We have wreaths and garlands, poinsettia plants, centerpieces, bouquets, and gifts that make it easy and enjoyable to wrap up your decorating and gift-giving through our Tucson flower shop or our floral website. Here are some highlights from our Christmas collection, which we will be sharing every week up until the holiday arrives: Let's start with Christmas wreaths, garlands, and swags. Mayfield's Festive Evergreen Mantel Swag This is just one example of how you can decorate your fireplace mantel. We have many other designs or you can get a custom mantel swag and garland to match. This particular floral design includes winter evergreen, pine cones, Christmas ornaments, berries, and a bow.  We have many colors to choose from, including red, gold, white, silver and blue. That way, you can have one for Hanukkah as well. Classic Holiday Wreath Like our swags and garlands, we have many available pre-made wreaths as well as custom wreath services. Our classic holiday wreath is 24" and features a bow, berries, and pine cones. Choices include gold, silver, or red decorations or we can combine colors. Next, let's look at just a few of our beautiful holiday floral designs that can be used to decorate or for gift-giving: Holiday Enchantment Bouquet This stunning holiday floral design features red roses, white lilies, and festive berries and pine. This is a tall, one-sided floral design. Scarlet Greetings This unique floral design offers Christmas tulips in pink as well as red roses, pine cones, and winter greenery. The Christmas flower arrangement is presented in a clay vase. Check out these floral designs for Christmas and more in our online Christmas shop as well as in our Tucson flower shop. We are taking holiday orders right now for Tucson and national delivery so it arrives in time for the holidays.

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