Mayfield Florist is Ready for Fall Fun, Fall Festivities, and Fall Flowers

Now that Fall officially arrived on September 22nd, there is so much to be excited about. We can't wait to visit the pumpkin patches and enjoy fall festivities with friends and family. And, we are so happy to welcome you into our Tucson flower shop to get all of your fall decor and fall gifts. Here are some of the fall trends we are incorporating in this year's fall collection. New Colors We all love the rich colors of fall, including burgundy, burnt orange, brown, and more. However, a fall trend this year is to consider mixing it up by adding a punch of color like pink or purple that you would see more during other seasons. For example, our Fall Brights Bouquet showcases how well these colors blend with traditional autumn hues. Or, our Tucson Petite Sunset gives you a glamorous sequined container filled with bright and bold colors that offer something a little bit unexpected for your fall decor. Sunflowers and Pumpkins Even with some new fall trends, traditional fall motifs are still popular here in Tucson. This includes pumpkin accents and keepsake pumpkin containers. Sunflowers also continue to be in-demand as a beautiful way to transition from the summer to fall season.  Choose from a bowl full of sunflowers or go for something truly unique like our Sunflower Topiary. Fall Plants And, it's not just fall flowers that we get excited about. There are many fall plants that also offer a beautiful way to decorate your home for the season or that serve as thoughtful gifts for all types of occasions and celebrations. For example, a bright yellow chrysanthemum plant with wheat and birch accents looks great on a patio, balcony, porch, or foyer table.  Place your fall order today in our Tucson flower shop, by phone, or through our website. We have more fall flowers, plants, and gifts available as well so come check them out! You can pick up your order at our Tucson florist location or at the curb. We also offer contactless delivery if you prefer that delivery method.    

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A Different Way to Use Pumpkins with Floral Decor

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop For Seasonal Fall Decor We have two flower shops in the greater Tucson, Arizona area and a website that delivers floral designs, value, and service, helping you decorate your home or office, give a special gift, or host an event or occasion. Our floral designers and service team focus on adding new ideas and products throughout the year that cater to your needs, ideas, and feedback. We also help you by shipping our products nationally through a network of flower shops across the country. Each year, we also try to find ways to change up our floral designs. You can do the same if you like creating your own floral decor by buying flowers in bulk from our Tucson flower shop. Since it's fall with Halloween just around the corner and Thanksgiving soon to follow, you are most likely seeing pumpkins around Tucson at pumpkin patches and stores. It's a favorite symbol of fall and offers many unique ways to decorate beyond just the traditional jack-o-lantern. We've put together some ideas on how to use pumpkins with floral decor: Source: Glue flowers on the outside of the pumpkin to create a pumpkin that is still recognizable but has more dimension, texture, and visual interest to it. These can be displayed on tables or the front porch. Source: Use small pumpkins that are scooped out to make room for flowers and add a name card to each for a more formal sit-down Halloween dinner party. Source: Create a breathtaking centerpiece for a table, buffet table, or other party table for a Halloween get-together. You can make it in whatever size fits the scope and scale of your event. This also gives you the opportunity to use other types of colorful and textured gourds, greenery, leaves, and fall accents. Custom Halloween Floral Designs Check out our pumpkin flower displays or create a custom Halloween flower arrangement by scheduling an appointment with our floral design team today!

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Ready For Fall with Flowers and Fun

Mayfield Florist The Best Florist in Tucson  Mayfield Florist is a family-owned and operated floral design firm. Our firm was voted "Best Florist in Tucson" on numerous occasions. Most recently, we received that honor for 2018. Mayfield Florist employs a super talented team of floral designers. They create luxurious, upscale floral designs. We operate 2 flower shops in the greater Tucson, Arizona area. Our Eastside/ Foothills design center is located at 7181 Tanque Verde Tucson, Arizona 85715. The Central Flower Shop is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716.  We have some of the best floral designs in Tucson, making us the go-to florist for all types of occasions and special gifts. Fall is officially here, which also means our Fall Flower Collection has also arrived! And, we're excited to share these fall floral designs with you. Here are some highlights to get your home and office ready for the festivities of harvest, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. Fall Fantasia This elegant fall flower arrangement arrives in a stunning glass vase. The seasonal flowers include bold and dramatic colors along with greenery and fall accents. Fall In Tucson This fall bouquet highlights a wide range of fall flowers. It includes multi-color roses, lilies, and yellow alstroemeria displayed in a glass hurricane vase. Fall Brights Bouquet Brighten those crisp fall days with this colorful floral display that showcases orange lilies as well as a wide range of red and lavender flowers. Come check out the rest of our fall flower collection. You can also work with our floral designers on creating custom fall centerpieces for an upcoming event or fall wedding or to add fall decor to your home or office. Call us today!

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Fall Flowers and Green Plants For September Events and Decor

September welcomes fall on September 22nd. Also, the third week of the month is National Indoor Plant Week. Both are ways to celebrate nature in all its glory with green plants, flowers, and special accent touches. Our Tucson flower shop offers all types of beautiful ways to celebrate these special fall events: Serene Retreat This garden gift contains a combination of seasonal green plants that provide different hues of green and various textures. All the plants are easy to maintain and can be transplanted to their own containers. Plants Galore This large woodchip basket contains both green plants and flowering plants.  This is one of our biggest garden offerings. Money Tree Send this green plant in either ceramic or a woven basket. It's meant to bring good fortune to the recipient. Succulent Garden This assortment of succulents arrives in a terracotta container. These can last for years with very little maintenance. Fall Flowers Now it's time for fall flowers. While we are still getting our fall flower collection together at our Tucson flower shop, here are some highlights of the fall bouquets available Designers Choice Fall Our floral design team offers custom autumn and fall-themed floral designs that are only available in the local Tucson area. . Our designers select the freshest fall flowers to create a floral design for you. Based on your preferences for style, color, flowers, and budget, they design something made just for you.  Sunflower Topiary Arizona sunflowers are designed as a topiary arrangement and are one of our favorite fall options. Autumn Expression A cube vase holds flowers in rich autumn colors along with greenery and fall accents. Order today by calling or visiting our Tucson flower shop. You can also order through our website. Don't delay! This is the time to enjoy more of Nature in your life and share it with those you love! .

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Celebrating the Many Special Days of October

October is filled with special days that are great excuses to let others in your life know you are thinking of them and care. There are Bosses Day and Bosses Week on October 16th and throughout the week. Then, there is the Sweetest Day on October 21st and Mothe-in-Law Day on October 22nd. Let's not forget Halloween on October 31st. To help you celebrate these special days in October for those here in Tucson and those around the country, we have numerous gift ideas that offer a range of styles and prices that fit your needs like these great October special day gift ideas: It's great to tell the Boss just how much you value their direction and confidence as well as the many opportunities they give you. Great gift ideas include any of our fruit or gift baskets as well as green plants, basket gardens, orchids and maybe even flowers if you know they like them.  Our bestseller collection is ideal for the Sweetest Day and Mother-in-Law Day. The flowers in this collection include beautiful arrangements, a choice of sizes, and bold designs that are a real standout. These bouquets also are easy to order no matter where in the country your recipient is located. That's because we work with a flower shop network that has these very same floral designs available for hand delivery. Finally, there is our personal favorite October special day known as Halloween. Our fall flower collection has expanded this year to include some Halloween designs that are fun and whimsical, making them a great gift idea when attending or throwing a Halloween party.  For example, Spooky Sweet is a cube vase filled with fall flowers and then topped with a black spider. It's spooky and fun! The Fall Harvest Cube features a combination of red, orange, and yellow spray roses in a cube vase. Burst of Autumn includes many flower varieties in yellow and orange hues as well as oak leaf accents. These are just three of the numerous fall flower arrangements waiting for you. Come check out our Tucson flower shop today to see what's available for the fall season and these special October days!  

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Fall is Here in Tucson

Fall officially begins Friday, September 22nd. However, at our Tucson flower shop, we've been preparing for the new season for weeks. With many special occasions, including fall birthdays, fall weddings, and fall events not to mention Halloween and Thanksgiving, we wanted to be ready to deliver some truly magical ways to enjoy the season. Whether you are looking for something to give to someone special or you want to add fall to your home or office, we've got you covered with these fall ideas: Fall Fantasia This fall flower arrangement comes in a glass vase and includes a wide range of fall flower varieties in rich and bold colors. It's a beautiful way to bring fall into your home, office, or event. Madera Canyon Magic This fall bouquet reflects the special canyon found just south of Tucson. There are bold and dramatic colors, numerous textures, and an array of flower varieties. It gives the viewer so much to look at in just one flower arrangement.  Fall In Tucson This stunning fall flower arrangement includes multi-color roses, lilies, and yellow alstroemeria all arranged in a unique mercury glass hurricane vase. You're Golden Sunflower Bouquet As a reminder of the sunshine that remains at the start of fall, this golden bouquet gives you numerous sunflowers. It's sure to put a smile on your recipient's face or even yours if you get this for yourself! Fall Harvest Cube Although it seems quite compact, this cube arrangement is overflowing with flowers that include red roses, orange roses, and yellow roses. It's a beautiful way to celebrate the fall season. Citrus Kissed This is a bright and cheerful way to bring in the fall season. It offers a mix of bold and sunny colors, illustrating the movement from summer to fall. It's a good way to hang onto those bright days before fall brings us those shorter daylight hours. Order today so you can have all your floral decor and gifts sorted out for the season!

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