Celebrating International Friendship Day in Tucson and All Over the World

Sunday, July 30th is International Friendship Day, a day to stop, reflect, and celebrate those special people in your life that define friend no matter where they are in the world. A gift is an unexpected way to tell your friends you are thinking of them on this special friendship day as well as every other day of the year. At our Tucson flower shop and through our website, we have numerous gift ideas that can illustrate just how much value you place on your friendships with those special people in your life. Here are some highlights of gift ideas that we can send on your behalf from our Just Because collection of flower arrangements and bouquets as well as our summer flower collection: Splendid Surprise by Teleflora This compact flower arrangement includes green miniature hydrangea and lavender roses arranged in a fuchsia cube. Posh Pinks This sweet bouquet offers hot pink roses, pale pink lilies and mixed blossoms that have been arranged in a glass cube vase. Summertime Splash This bright and bold floral arrangement features yellow lilies, pink gerbera daisies, orange roses, orange alstroemeria and more in a cube vase. Blue Caribbean This flower arrangement includes yellow lilies, red gerbera daisies, yellow alstroemeria and asters in a blue glass cube vase.  One Fine Day The flower arrangement comes in a leaf-lined vase and offers an array of summer flowers in bold, striking colors. La Encantada Fashionista This is a beautiful bouquet of roses, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea.  It is a true standout among our floral design choices. Just Make Lemonade This is the time to make lemonade with a gorgeous bouquet of yellow lilies and lemons in a bubble bowl vase. Sunny Sonoita This flower arrangement showcases yellow lilies, red roses, bamboo leaf, orange daisies, bear grass and more for a spectacular presentation. Time to Order! Order today to ensure delivery for this special day of friendship! We deliver locally and nationally through our partnership with florists around the country.    

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Enjoying the Foodie Days of July

You may wonder how days celebrating different foods came into being. Well, thanks to our national government, these days are selected to highlight different types of foods either for nutritional reasons or to highlight a particular food that is renowned in various states. Whatever the reason they exist, they are definitely a great excuse to indulge in something delicious and create a celebration or gift opportunity around them. July is one of those months that is jam-packed with special foodies days. Many of the special food days in July involve summer-worthy foods like hot dogs, ice cream, and milkshakes. Others are just plain yummy the whole year around. This is your chance to make every day special by recognizing and celebrating these food days. And, we are here to help with all types of great gift baskets stuffed full of gourmet goodies as well as fresh, seasonal fruit baskets. For our fruit baskets, you can choose from our classic fruit baskets, which just offer fresh fruit like oranges, apples, bananas and more. Other fruit baskets we offer include artisanal cheeses, crackers, and sweet and savory treats. The various sizes mean you can enjoy it yourself or share it with a large group at a backyard party or other special event. We also have other types of gourmet gift baskets, including ones that are tempting with their junk food, such as soda, chocolate, candy bars and chips. Whatever you choose to do for these special food days, make sure you include our delicious gifts. You can order these gift baskets at our Tucson flower shop, by phone, or through our website. Check back to our website often because we continue to add special gourmet gifts to our foodie collection. Many are available for national delivery while all of them are available for local delivery throughout the Tucson area!

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Special Gifts for Special Family Celebration Days in July

July is a month full of celebrations beyond just the Fourth of July. There are also many special occasion days that are celebrated on a national basis, including those where you can send love to various family members.  The July family celebration days include Parent's Day on July 23rd, Cousin's Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. This is the perfect time to spend time with these family members and let them know just how much you appreciate that they are in your life and so close. It's also an opportunity to give them a gift that represents that love that you have for these family members. At our Tucson flower shop and through our website, we have a wide selection of gift items that may be just right for those special people in your life like these ideas: Wildcat Snack Basket If your family is local to the Tucson area, then there's a good chance they are a Wildcats fan. This gift basket makes the perfect gift for them. It includes all types of snacks like soda, popcorn, chocolates, candy, chips and more!   Mayfield's Basket of Delights This gift basket gives your family members a few gifts in one. It combines a blooming plant and fresh fruit, with chocolates, cheese, crackers and other gourmet food. Fruit Basket We offer all different sizes of our gift baskets and fruit baskets. This one includes fresh fruit, chocolates, and cheeses. Dish Garden Ceramic Planter - Large Plants also make a nice gift for family members, especially if they have a green thumb.  This ceramic planter includes a mix of green and blooming plants in a colorful ceramic container. Picnic in the Park This flower arrangement offers an array of stunning flowers all within a basket, offering numerous colors and varieties to show your love to the family. Bromelia Combo Bromeliads are some of the most unique plants so this is a standout gift. This combination includes a couple low-maintenance, long blooming flowering plants to enjoy for many months to come. Bromeliad. Kents Bromeliad Nursery, Ltd. Mark Mauthner photo. Order Today! Don't wait! Although these family special days are toward the end of July, we're nearly halfway through the month already. Order by calling or visiting our Tucson flower shop or using our convenient website. We deliver locally throughout Tucson and around the country.

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Summer Red Rose Special!

We are excited to share a special promotion with our local customers to provide even more value than we already deliver with our high-quality premium fresh bouquets and flower arrangements at our Tucson flower shops. Our Mayfield Summer Rose Special includes the following deal: Receive our Ecuadorian long-stem red roses at a great price. You'll save $20 on a dozen roses or 50% OFF when you buy two dozen or more red roses from us. Prices are as follows: 12 long-stem roses -- $39.95 24 long-stem roses -- $59.95 36 long-stem roses -- $89.95 50 long-stem roses -- $119.95 This special is available only while supplies last so take advantage of it to send a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or a just because. You can even think about gifting yourself as a way to decorate your home or office. After all, you deserve these beautiful flowers in your life, too! We also have many other special rose arrangements that offer a gorgeous touch to your life and that of your loved ones. Our roses come in a wide range of colors, including some seasonal colors. Roses go well with everything and send special messages of love and friendship to all who receive them. We can also work with you to create your own custom rose arrangements that offer something truly unique, combining these flowers with other varieties for even more beauty. For example, our Lover's Lane flower arrangement is a contemporary flower arrangement of red and white roses in a mirrored cube vase. Our Tranquility Bouquet gives you green accents along with white roses in a bubble bowl. Then, there's our Picacho Pink arrangement that is filled with pink roses and spray roses. Lastly, our Tanque Verde Valley arrangement is truly unique with a burst of bright rose blooms in a vase that has been filled with sliced oranges. Order your roses today to enjoy this special summer flower. Our Tucson locations accept orders in our Tucson flower shops, by phone, and through the convenience of online order through our website. We deliver locally to residences, businesses, hotels, and hospitals throughout the Tucson area as well as offer national delivery.

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