Mayfield Florist is Ready for Fall Fun, Fall Festivities, and Fall Flowers

Now that Fall officially arrived on September 22nd, there is so much to be excited about. We can't wait to visit the pumpkin patches and enjoy fall festivities with friends and family. And, we are so happy to welcome you into our Tucson flower shop to get all of your fall decor and fall gifts. Here are some of the fall trends we are incorporating in this year's fall collection. New Colors We all love the rich colors of fall, including burgundy, burnt orange, brown, and more. However, a fall trend this year is to consider mixing it up by adding a punch of color like pink or purple that you would see more during other seasons. For example, our Fall Brights Bouquet showcases how well these colors blend with traditional autumn hues. Or, our Tucson Petite Sunset gives you a glamorous sequined container filled with bright and bold colors that offer something a little bit unexpected for your fall decor. Sunflowers and Pumpkins Even with some new fall trends, traditional fall motifs are still popular here in Tucson. This includes pumpkin accents and keepsake pumpkin containers. Sunflowers also continue to be in-demand as a beautiful way to transition from the summer to fall season.  Choose from a bowl full of sunflowers or go for something truly unique like our Sunflower Topiary. Fall Plants And, it's not just fall flowers that we get excited about. There are many fall plants that also offer a beautiful way to decorate your home for the season or that serve as thoughtful gifts for all types of occasions and celebrations. For example, a bright yellow chrysanthemum plant with wheat and birch accents looks great on a patio, balcony, porch, or foyer table.  Place your fall order today in our Tucson flower shop, by phone, or through our website. We have more fall flowers, plants, and gifts available as well so come check them out! You can pick up your order at our Tucson florist location or at the curb. We also offer contactless delivery if you prefer that delivery method.    

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It’s Time for National Indoor Plant Week!

The third week of September has been designated as National Indoor Plant Week. Each year, we recognize and create awareness about the benefits of green plants, including their ability to purify the air and provide a healthier environment. At our Tucson flower shop and garden center, we are celebrating National Indoor Plant Week by providing the best quality and selection of plants available. Our plant collection has something for everyone and for every occasion, including decor for your home, office, and/or home office. You can also consider sending a plant as a gift to celebrate the week or because it's a loved one's birthday. Plants also make great gifts for client or colleague thank you gifts, anniversary gifts, teacher gifts, and even new neighbor gifts. Here are some of the green indoor plants we have available: Cactus and succulents  Peace lily plant Dieffenbachia Split leaf philodendron Jade plant Lemon leaf dracanea Sago palm Be sure to stop by our Tucson flower shop or call us to see what's available when you place your order. We are always getting in new plants and are happy to tell you what's in stock or what may be coming in shortly. Also, we have flowering plants as well as orchid and exotic plants, dish gardens, and dish baskets to choose from. All of our plants are of the highest quality so that you or your recipient can enjoy them for weeks and months to come. We are also proud of our large variety of interesting containers that add to the ambiance your green or blooming plant provides in a home or office setting.  Order online, by phone, or in our Tucson flower shop. You are welcome to pick-up your plant order here in our store or at the curb. We also continue to offer contactless delivery for the Tucson area, too, to keep everyone safe during these uncertain times.

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Let Your College Student Know They are in Your Thoughts

Whether your son or daughter is leaving home for college for the first time or for their second, third, or fourth year, it's important to let them know you are thinking of them. Although this year has been somewhat different with many starting college in an online format, many others are starting to check into dorms and campus life again. Here are some ways to make your college student feel like home is always there: Care Box At one time, you couldn't get your teenager to go get the mail. But, now, they most likely check each day for something from home. Send them a care box with some items they love, including some sweet treats and munchies for their dorm room. Flowers and Plants Flowers and plants make a nice gift that will brighten their dorm room or apartment. Your favorite Tucson flower shop can help with petite-sized options that fit smaller quarters like a dorm desk or bookcase. A plant is also nice to send because it lasts a long time with little maintenance and makes the dorm room a little bit healthier!  FaceTime Schedule regular calls or check-in with your college student via FaceTime or video conference service like Zoom. Of course, you can also send them a text, too, but seeing each other on camera sometimes helps with the home sickness. Weekend Visit Plan a weekend at your student's university. Many feature Parent Weekends. Or, you can plan your own to spend time with your student and let them know they are missed. Bring some homemade food that they can reheat or some other goodies. Order Today! Your Tucson flower shop is here to help. We can deliver flowers, plants, balloons, and gift baskets to your student so they know you are always thinking about them. You can order in-person, by phone, or through our website today!    

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Flowers & Gifts For Grandparents Day!

Your grandparents love attention, but it's been challenging the last six months to be able to show them that attention due to the shelter in place mandate and the delicate condition that may put them at risk during the pandemic. While many grandparents are learning to FaceTime and use Zoom, others may feel lonely and miss seeing you. One way to let them know you are thinking of them is coming up on September 13th. This is Grandparents Day, which is the perfect excuse to send flowers and gifts from your favorite Tucson flower shop. Here are some gift ideas to consider for Grandparents Day that can be delivered through our contactless local delivery service or you can do curbside pickup at our Tucson flower shop if you plan on delivering the gift yourself: Our Fresh Flower collection has some amazing floral design options in various sizes, colors, styles, and price points. There is every color under the sun available to choose from. We especially love all the sunflowers that are still available If you can't find what you want, you can also work with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement.  If your grandparents love to work in the garden, they will be sure to love the gift of a green plant, dish or basket garden, hanging basket, orchid or even a succulent garden. We also have some delicious gift baskets full of goodies and gourmet food. You can also choose from our fresh fruit baskets that offer a mix of seasonal fruit that has the good health of your grandparents in mind! Ask us about our other gift options, including greeting and gift cards as well as balloons. We also have seasonal gift items available in our Tucson flower shop. Order today in our flower shop here in Tucson. Or, you can call us or use our online order form found on our website.  

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