Mayfield Florist Offers Same Day Flower and Plant Delivery to The University of Arizona

Mayfield Florist Mayfield Florist is a family owned and operated floral design firm. We are one of the top florists in the Tucson area and won the AZ Daily Star's reader's choice Best Florist of the year for 2022.  This is the 5th year in a row since 2017. We offer nationwide same day flower delivery. Mayfield Florist employs a team of professional flower delivery drivers. These folks are experienced and talented. They have years of experience in delivering flowers, plants and gifts in the greater Tucson area. We provide same day flower delivery service to The University of Arizona. The University of Arizona is located at The University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. The main phone number for the school is (520) 622-2211. We can normally deliver flowers, plants and gifts to the continuing education facility between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. The University of Arizona is a four-year college. The college was founded in 1885. Today, the University serves students from all across the state of Arizona and beyond. The University of Arizona is a big part of the Tucson, Arizona community. They participate in all kinds of community related events. Graduates of The University of Arizona are highly sought after by many local Tucson area businesses. Mayfield Florist operates two floral design centers, and a warehouse facility in Tucson. Our Eastside / Foothills flower shop is located at 7181 Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ 85715. The Central flower shop is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716. Our Tucson Boulevard flower shop is only about 1.2 miles from the school. It generally takes our delivery staff less than 3 minutes to make the drive from the flower shop to The University of Arizona. Given the short driving distance, we are able to make multiple delivery runs to The University of Arizona each day. Freaky Fourth Avenue Beautiful Ranunculus, Ecuadorian Roses & Succulents available for Local Same Day & Express Flower Delivery. The floral designers at Mayfield Florist created this gorgeous arrangement. We call it "Freaky Fourth Avenue." This stunning floral arrangement features gorgeous hot pink roses, mixed with green cymbidium orchid blooms, orange mini roses and long-lasting succulent cuts. All these beautiful blooms are expertly nestled into a leaf lined glass cylinder vase. This is one of those really flexible arrangements that is appropriate to send for many different occasions.   Shop Now Just Because Flowers     Mayfield Florist offers Fresh Flowers and Plants to celebrate World Teachers' Day October 5th October 5 is recognized as World Teachers Day. Around the globe this is a day when teachers are honored for the great things, they do to educate young and old alike. World Teachers Day was officially created on October 5, 1994. However, the concept actually occurred earlier in 1966 when there was a conference in Paris with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organizations (UNESCO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO). These groups felt there [...]

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Mayfield Florist has the Most Festive and Thoughtful Graduation Flowers in Tucson

Mayfield Florist provides same day flower delivery service to the Pima Community College The popular month of May has arrived, and graduation plans are starting to formulate. Such an exciting time for school students from preschool age and above as they will be moving to the next level of their education.  Throughout the education and ultimate graduation process, we cannot forget the teachers, professors and parents that have helped students reach graduation. Salute all of these folks with thoughtful and elegant Graduation Flowers from Mayfield Florist. Mayfield Florist congratulates all of these people and their accomplishments.  Our professional multi-talented floral designers will help you honor that accomplished graduate, teacher or parent. They will be so happy to receive a Mayfield Florist Flower arrangement, or bouquet and you will be proud to give it to them. Graduation is a major event in people's lives. It is yet another chapter and an exciting time of progression. Flowers are a great way to recognize the accomplishments of a graduate, or anyone related to the graduate like a mom or teacher. The culmination of years of hard work to get to the point of graduation reflects determination and a great deal of pride.  As parents and family are always proud, giving flowers or a lovely gift basket is a great way to show thoughtfulness and pride. Flowers have been an important symbol of thoughtfulness, love and caring for many centuries. Dating back to the Roman the goddess of love Venus often pictured surrounded with different varieties of flowers. In the 19th century, many writers referenced the "language of flowers".  That language defined symbolic meaning to colors and types of flowers. Flowers will add to the joy of your friend's or loved one's graduation day. The color and symbolism of blossoming into the world are perfect for the occasion. There are numerous varieties of flowers each presenting different meanings. Below are some of the options of flowers that you might choose. Hydrangeas Symbolizing the "gratitude for being understood", hydrangeas are a lovely choice for a gift. They come in shades of purple, pink, blue or white and are very soft. Roses Roses are a widely accepted favorite flower. Used as confetti in celebrations, the ancient Romans also used roses as perfume.  Some royalty in the 17th century used roses as legal tender. Typically, we tend to think of roses as a symbol of romantic love, However, they can also be used to show admiration and affection for a graduate. White roses symbolize a new beginning, purity, and genuine respect. Pink roses symbolize happiness. Yellow roses symbolize friendship, new beginnings, and joy. Orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire. Peonies Peonies are a very popular springtime flower. They are frequently used in weddings and baby showers. In Victorian flower language they symbolize a more modest lifestyle of being shy with a happy life. So, if your graduate is more of the introvert type, peonies are the perfect flower. The Chinese culture considers peonies as the "king of flowers" and [...]

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Don’t Forget to Celebrate Teachers This Year!

As the school year draws to a close, it was a challenging year for everyone. Teachers had to teach in a new way and help students adjust. They added new technology and had to learn that as they went. As we look ahead to a return to normal for school next year, we can take the time to celebrate all our Tucson teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week (May 3rd through May 7th) and Teacher Appreciation Day (May 4th). If you haven't before, this is an ideal year to send a gift to one or more teachers and thank them for what they have been able to do for your kids. They need our support and appreciation. Our Tucson flower shop and website offers many different teacher gift ideas. There are numerous floral designs that work well for teachers. Send a bowl full of colorful daisies in white and yellow or a vase filled with tulips. We also have cube vases, which fit perfectly on a teacher's desk. Other options include bright and cheerful arrangements in a garden style filled with wildflowers and greenery accents. We also offer custom floral design service if you want to treat a favorite teacher to their own special bouquet or flower arrangement. Please call us right away if you want to do this as this special week coincides with our Mother's Day schedule. We also have many types of plant gifts that also are ideal for teachers. They are long-lasting so teachers can take the plants home after the school year ends and continue to enjoy them. These plants also provide a more healthful environment for the classroom and home office. Our plant options include green indoor plants, orchids, blooming plants, succulents and cacti, and dish and basket gardens. Beyond flowers and plants, we also have a selection of gifts, which helps our Tucson flower shop and website serve as a one-stop shop for teacher gifts. There are gourmet gift baskets as well as fresh fruit baskets. We also have balloons, greeting cards, and curated gift items from local small businesses in and around Tucson. Check with us on what's available. Please order and schedule as soon as possible so that we can get you included on our contactless deliveries. You can also do pickup at our Tucson flower shop. With customers also now ordering for Mother's Day at the same time, we want to make sure everyone gets what they want to celebrate teachers as well as Mothers!      

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Back to School Means Teacher Gifts and Thank You Gifts For Summer Camp Staff

Mayfield Florist The Best Florist in Tucson For Special Gifts Think back to your childhood. Do you remember heading off to the first day of school. You were nervous about what your teacher was going to be like. Who your classmates were going to be. Would you be able to find your room and get seated before that first class started. Then that first bell of the year sounds and class begins. Bringing back any memories for you? One thing that always seemed to help was mom or dad sending us off with a gift for the teacher. Somehow, having that gift in our hand built positive energy that helped greatly to fend off those nervous feelings. This year, put your child more at ease. Give the a gift to take to their new teacher. What a great way for your child and the teacher to start the day. Mayfield Florist has all kinds of great flowers, plants and gift options that would work great for that back to school gift. We encourage you to visit our website to see all of the wonderful gifts we offer. We are a family-owned and operated floral design firm. Our firm was voted "Best Florist in Tucson" on numerous occasions. Most recently, we received that honor for 2018. Mayfield Florist employs a super talented team of floral designers. They create luxurious, upscale floral designs. We operate 2 flower shops in the greater Tucson, Arizona area. Our Eastside/ Foothills design center is located at 7181 Tanque Verde Tucson, Arizona 85715. The Central Flower Shop is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716.  We have some of the best floral designs and occasion gifts in Tucson! With August in full swing, it also means it's time to wrap up those vacations and think about the return to school. This is a good time to plan to send out those thank you gifts to those summer care and summer camp staff who helped with the kids this summer as well as plan some special welcome gifts to your children's new teachers for the school year. Our Tucson flower shop and gift website have many gift ideas like these: Opulent Orchids This is an elegant gift that contains phalaenopsis orchids in a range of available colors. Pure elegance. That's what these gorgeous phalaenopsis orchids deliver. They're beautiful upon arrival, and what's even more beautiful is that these amazing plants are easy to take care of, and can blossom for a while. Color and container subject to availability. Please indicate a color preference if you have one. Since they are easy to care for, this makes a long-lasting gift. Plants Galore This garden basket is another wonderful gift idea for teachers. It arrives in a beautiful wood chip basket. The design includes multiple plants based on what's available when you place your order. You don't need a green thumb to love plants galore! Plants, plants and more plants are delivered in a handsome woodchip basket. This item features multiple plants in [...]

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Celebrating Tucson Teachers!

Mayfield Florist Voted Best Local Tucson Florist Mayfield Florist operates two floral design centers in the greater Tucson, Arizona area. We have a flower shop that we call our Eastside / Foothills design center. That flower shop is located at 7181 Tanque Verde Road, Tucson, Arizona 85715. We also operate a second flower shop that is open to the general public. This floral design center is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, Arizona 85716. Next week is Teacher Appreciation Week. The holiday officially runs from May 6th to May 10th. Actual Teacher Appreciation Day is May 7th. These are opportune times to let those teachers know just how much they are appreciated. Whether it's your kids' teacher or a teacher you had who inspired you, take this opportunity to let them know just how much you appreciate the ways they enhance lives and change the world. Our Tucson flower shop and website offer a wide range of teacher gifts, including flowers, plants, and more like these teacher gift ideas: Mayfield's Art Glass Garden Bouquet A keepsake iridescent aqua blue glass vase displays a lavender bouquet of roses, tulips, and alstroemeria in an all-around floral design that is sure to please any teacher. Lily Sunshine Send a ray of sunshine in a vase to a special teacher with this bouquet of bright yellow lilies and seasonal greenery. Dashing Daisies Our incredible floral design team created this stunning bowl of yellow and white daisies. It's a sweet way to show a teacher how much they are valued. Picnic in the Park Give a gift of a basket arrangement that is full of seasonal flowers and greenery. Make a Wish This is a bright floral display that includes yellow daisy chrysanthemums, purple asters, and red and orange carnations that are arranged in a clear ginger vase that's been tied with a green plaid bow. Sweet as a Daisy Daisy chrysanthemums are one of the happiest flowers available This bright yellow plant is full of sunshine and perfect as a teacher gift. Terrarium Succulent Garden Large Succulents are a wonderful alternative to flowers and provide long-lasting enjoyment that a teacher can display on their desk or take home. It makes a great gift for a male or female teacher. We have many terrarium sizes to choose from, including this large option. Place your teacher gift order today at our Tucson flower shop, by phone, or through our website!

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It’s Back to School Time with Special Teacher Gifts

School is already in full swing here in Tucson. There's still time to let your kids' teachers know how much you appreciate them by sending a special gift or having flowers delivered to a local Tucson school. Here are some ideas for the perfect teacher gift: Basket Full of Wishes This is a basket full of sunshine with an array of yellow flowers tucked into a wicker basket. La Encantada Fashionista This stunning bouquet features roses, gerberas, and hydranga. The flowers are arranged in a bunch style and wrapped so they stand tall and glorious. Sunny Day Pitcher of Sunflowers This arrangement of flowers offers a keepsake ceramic pitcher in sunny yellow that has been filled with sunflowers. You can also select a pitcher filled with daisies.  Just Make Lemonade Teachers are faced with a lot. That's why this bouquet sends such positive thoughts. When life gives you lemons, you just make lemonade. The bouquet has yellow lilies and lemons in a bubble bowl vase. Summer Chic This is a vibrant bouquet of bright summer flowers that teachers will adore. Indian Summer An Indian summer is often a feature here in Tucson. Why not celebrate it with this gorgeous floral design that features seasonal flowers in shades of red, orange, and burgundy bouquet. These blooms are complemented by autumn-hued oak leaves and feathery millet. Everything is arranged in a plum-colored glass cube vase. Brightly Blooming This summery bouquet has yellow lilies, green carnations, and other bold blooms to cheer on the new school year and a new teacher. Terrarium Succulent Garden -- Small Succulents are a long-lasting gift that lets teachers know you appreciate them. In fact, they can last year after year if properly taken care of. This small glass terrarium is filled with succulents. It's the perfect size for a teacher's desk or bookcase. Dish Garden Ceramic Planter -- Small This dish garden offers a great combination of green and blooming plants in a colorful ceramic container. Plants Galore This large basket is filled with all types of plants that last throughout the year and are a great addition to any classroom for a teacher to share with students. It's time to order! Call or visit our Tucson flower shop today!

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Tucson Teachers Get Praised During Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers give our kids knowledge, skills, and confidence. They provide a love of learning that can last a lifetime. For that, we must thank them each and every year they take the time and attention to devote to our kids. Teacher Appreciation Week is May 7th through May 11th while Teacher Appreciation Day is May 8th. This is an opportunity to personally thank each teacher for what they do with a small token of appreciation. In our flower and gift collection, we have some great ideas for teacher gifts: Color Me Yours Bouquet This is a bright and bold way to show your thanks. There are many types of seasonal flowers and greenery accents in this stunning bouquet. Posh Pinks This sweet bouquet offers hot pink roses, pale pink lilies, and mixed flower varieties that are arranged in a glass cube vase. Summertime Splash This floral arrangement contains yellow lilies, pink gerbera daisies, orange roses and alstroemeria, and other seasonal flowers and accents in a glass cube vase.  Blue Caribbean A glass cube vase is filled with yellow lilies, red gerbera daisies, yellow alstroemeria, and asters as well as blue glass accents in the. vase. Sunny Sonoita This is another very bright and cheerful floral design that teachers will love for its colors and size. It contains yellow lilies, red roses, bamboo leaf, orange daisies, bear grass, and more. Other Teacher Gifts We also have blooming plants like orchids as well as numerous green plants that are low maintenance and can live in the classroom the whole year round. Also, we have balloons and special gourmet and fruit gift baskets that are great for teacher gifts.  Visit or call our Tucson flower shop today to place your order. You can also order through our website for delivery to local Tucson schools.

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Celebrating the Start of School with Flowers for Teachers

School is just getting started for the new year so it's time to meet the teachers and send them special thanks for caring for your kids. Sending flowers or other gift is a great way to begin the year on the right foot with teachers, letting them how much you appreciate and value their efforts for teaching and mentoring your children. We have a wide selection of flowers and gifts to choose from for teachers at our Tucson flower shop that you can come in to order or you can call us. Our website also has a convenient ordering form that includes local delivery to Tucson area schools. You can also pick up your teacher gifts and take them to school.  To give you some idea of some of the special teacher gifts we offer, check out these beautiful examples: Sedona Cube This petite, yet grand, flower arrangement features roses, lilies, and asters in garnet within a plum glass cube vase. It also includes purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice as accents. Bromeliad. Kents Bromeliad Nursery, Ltd. Mark Mauthner photo. Rose Sorbet This small flower arrangement includes a variety of multi-hued roses in a glass vase. Yavapai Twilight This stunning flower arrangement offers flowers in deep and dramatic colors hand-arranged in a vase. Deal Of The Day - Standard Everyday Let our floral design team create a special flower arrangement for your child's teacher. We use seasonal flowers to provide you with the best value possible. That way you can get a couple of arrangements if you have more than one child and want to gift many teachers.  Bromelia Combo Bromiliads are some of the most unique plants out there. This combo can include one or more bright plants. Because it is so easy to care for, it's perfect for the classroom. Mount Lemmon Bouquet This cube arrangement of bright and cheerful flowers is an ideal way to welcome the new school year and is sure to put a smile on a teacher's face.  Tucson Cube This contemporary flower arrangement in a cube vase features yellow and lavender flowers. It makes a great gift for teachers! Santa Cruz Cube This cube arrangement features roses, spray roses, carnations and mini carnations. Natural Wonders Bouquet This garden basket includes lilies, iris, daisies and more. Basket arrangements also fit nicely in a classroom setting.  Order Today! Be sure to order now before the start of school slips away! Think of it as your first homework assignment of the year!

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