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The popular month of May has arrived, and graduation plans are starting to formulate. Such an exciting time for school students from preschool age and above as they will be moving to the next level of their education.  Throughout the education and ultimate graduation process, we cannot forget the teachers, professors and parents that have helped students reach graduation. Salute all of these folks with thoughtful and elegant Graduation Flowers from Mayfield Florist.

Mayfield Florist congratulates all of these people and their accomplishments.  Our professional multi-talented floral designers will help you honor that accomplished graduate, teacher or parent. They will be so happy to receive a Mayfield Florist Flower arrangement, or bouquet and you will be proud to give it to them.

Graduation is a major event in people’s lives. It is yet another chapter and an exciting time of progression. Flowers are a great way to recognize the accomplishments of a graduate, or anyone related to the graduate like a mom or teacher. The culmination of years of hard work to get to the point of graduation reflects determination and a great deal of pride.  As parents and family are always proud, giving flowers or a lovely gift basket is a great way to show thoughtfulness and pride.

Flowers have been an important symbol of thoughtfulness, love and caring for many centuries. Dating back to the Roman the goddess of love Venus often pictured surrounded with different varieties of flowers. In the 19th century, many writers referenced the “language of flowers”.  That language defined symbolic meaning to colors and types of flowers.

Flowers will add to the joy of your friend’s or loved one’s graduation day. The color and symbolism of blossoming into the world are perfect for the occasion. There are numerous varieties of flowers each presenting different meanings. Below are some of the options of flowers that you might choose.


Symbolizing the “gratitude for being understood”, hydrangeas are a lovely choice for a gift. They come in shades of purple, pink, blue or white and are very soft.


Roses are a widely accepted favorite flower. Used as confetti in celebrations, the ancient Romans also used roses as perfume.  Some royalty in the 17th century used roses as legal tender. Typically, we tend to think of roses as a symbol of romantic love, However, they can also be used to show admiration and affection for a graduate.

White roses symbolize a new beginning, purity, and genuine respect.
Pink roses symbolize happiness.
Yellow roses symbolize friendship, new beginnings, and joy.
Orange roses represent enthusiasm and desire.


Peonies are a very popular springtime flower. They are frequently used in weddings and baby showers. In Victorian flower language they symbolize a more modest lifestyle of being shy with a happy life. So, if your graduate is more of the introvert type, peonies are the perfect flower. The Chinese culture considers peonies as the “king of flowers” and symbolize wealth and power.


Having what some refer to as a spicy floral scent, carnations are always popular.  The carnation means “flower of gods,” in Greek and Roman times. This is why they were often used in garlands. This makes them perfect for a graduate to wear as a boutonniere or corsage.

Red carnations show your admiration.
Pink carnations tell a graduate you will never forget them.
White carnations tell a graduate that your love for them is pure.

Mayfield’s Celebrate

Celebrate Life’s Special Moments with Flowers. Pink Roses, Orange Lilies, Lavender Alstroemeria. The design team at Mayfield Florist created this gorgeous design. We call it “Mayfield Celebration.” This arrangement features gorgeous hot pink roses, then adds orange lilies, purple alstroemeria and green button pops, with a ribbon accent. They drop all these beautiful flowers into a cubed glass vase, lined with a leaf wrap.

Mayfield Florist Graduation Flowers

Mayfield Florist is a family owned and operated floral design firm. We are one of the top florists in the Tucson area. Our firm has been voted “Best Florist in Tucson”, on numerous occasions. We offer nationwide same day flower delivery. Mayfield Florist employs a team of professional flower delivery drivers. These folks are experienced and talented. They have years of experience in delivering flowers, plants and gifts in the greater Tucson area. We provide same day flower delivery service to the Pima Community College Continuing Education building.

The Pima Community College Continuing Education building is located at 4905 E Broadway Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85709. The main phone number for the school is (520) 206-4737. We can normally deliver flowers, plants and gifts to the continuing education facility between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday. Pima Community College is a two-year college. They serve students from primarily the Pima County area, although they currently have students enrolled who have traveled much further to attend. Pima Community College is a big part of the Tucson, Arizona community. Local Tucson area businesses routinely hire graduates from Pima Community College.

Mayfield Florist operates two floral design centers, and a warehouse facility in Tucson. Our Eastside / Foothills flower shop is located at 7181 Tanque Verde, Tucson, AZ 85715. The Central flower shop is located at 1610 North Tucson Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85716. Our Tucson Boulevard flower shop is only about 4.6 miles from the School. It generally takes our delivery staff less than 8 minutes to make the drive from the flower shop to the Pima Community College Continuing Education building. Given the short driving distance, we are able to make multiple delivery runs to Pima Community College Continuing Education building each day.


Multicolored Roses

Send Sunshine with Multi-colored Roses! Traditional Size consists of 12 Roses.


Mayfield Florist offers Fresh and Festive Graduation Flowers 

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