Gifts for National Good Neighbor Day

Help your neighbors out or just give them a small gift to show them how much you appreciate them on September 28th. That's National Good Neighbor Day. Think about how you can tell them thanks for being a caring neighbor. Here are some ways we can help you do that from our Tucson flower shop: Sunshine Your neighbor will love the combination of colors and textures in this vase arrangement, including red, yellow, and purple hues. Sunbright Bouquet This sunflower arrangement delivers rays of sunshine to your neighbor, offering a cheerful message. Santa Rita Sunset Named after the Santa Rita Mountains, this bouquet has vivid colors amongst the seasonal flowers and greenery displayed in a vase. Vivid Vivid colors abound with red, yellow and purple flowers in this garden style design. Yavapai Twilight Radiant colors are displayed in this floral bouquet in a stunning glass vase. Sublime Orchid Another gift option for your neighbor is a purple Phalaenopsis Orchid, which is arranged in a brown bamboo cube. Colors are subject to availability. It's long-lasting and easy to care for. Bromeliad Beauty This is another easy to care for blooming plant. It's actually related to the pineapple plant and offers a colorful display in a choice of available containers. Classic Fruit Basket Then, there are some delicious gift baskets to consider as gifts for National Good Neighbor Day. This one offers a wicker basket with a handle that's been filled with fresh apples, grapes, bananas, oranges, pears, and other seasonal fruit as well as cheese and crackers. Delicious Delights Basket This gourmet food basket offers a combination of fruit, cheese, crackers, and other savory items that make a great gift to hand out at a block party or to a special neighbor. It's time to order from our Tucson flower shop for National Good Neighbor Day!

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Fall Flowers and Green Plants For September Events and Decor

September welcomes fall on September 22nd. Also, the third week of the month is National Indoor Plant Week. Both are ways to celebrate nature in all its glory with green plants, flowers, and special accent touches. Our Tucson flower shop offers all types of beautiful ways to celebrate these special fall events: Serene Retreat This garden gift contains a combination of seasonal green plants that provide different hues of green and various textures. All the plants are easy to maintain and can be transplanted to their own containers. Plants Galore This large woodchip basket contains both green plants and flowering plants.  This is one of our biggest garden offerings. Money Tree Send this green plant in either ceramic or a woven basket. It's meant to bring good fortune to the recipient. Succulent Garden This assortment of succulents arrives in a terracotta container. These can last for years with very little maintenance. Fall Flowers Now it's time for fall flowers. While we are still getting our fall flower collection together at our Tucson flower shop, here are some highlights of the fall bouquets available Designers Choice Fall Our floral design team offers custom autumn and fall-themed floral designs that are only available in the local Tucson area. . Our designers select the freshest fall flowers to create a floral design for you. Based on your preferences for style, color, flowers, and budget, they design something made just for you.  Sunflower Topiary Arizona sunflowers are designed as a topiary arrangement and are one of our favorite fall options. Autumn Expression A cube vase holds flowers in rich autumn colors along with greenery and fall accents. Order today by calling or visiting our Tucson flower shop. You can also order through our website. Don't delay! This is the time to enjoy more of Nature in your life and share it with those you love! .

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Celebrating September Birthdays in Tucson

It's a new month, which means new celebrations, including birthdays for friends and family. We're here to help with some beautiful birthday flower arrangements and bouquets to toast the recipient whether they live here in Tucson or around the country. Here are some gift ideas from our birthday collection: Mayfield's Celebrate This is our most popular birthday flower arrangement. Our design team has combined hot pink roses with orange lilies, purple alstroemeria and green button poms with a ribbon accent. These are displayed in a cube glass vase lined with a leaf wrap. It also comes in different sizes. Madera Canyon Love This local only flower arrangement includes red roses from Ecuador as well as Cymbidium orchids and seasonal greenery. The flowers are displayed in a vintage metal paint can vase.  Birthday Celebration This Happy Birthday arrangement features colorful streamers and a birthday candle design. It includes orange spray roses, red miniature carnations, yellow daisy spray chrysanthemums, and purple statice in a one-sided floral display. Sweet Tenderness This sweet flower arrangement offers love and affection in every petal.  It combines available seasonal flowers and greenery in a traditional glass vase. Spirited This birthday basket arrangement offers a bright celebration with bold primary colors and a mix of seasonal flowers. Honeybee Canyon Bouquet This is an excellent way to celebrate a September birthday and welcome fall, which is just around the corner. A glazed ceramic pot displays sunflowers and orange alstroemeria. It's My Party by Teleflora A jewel-toned cube vase offers a floral display of red and purple seasonal flowers. Uniquely Chic A cube vase holds an arrangement of seasonal blooms and greenery to send your best birthday wishes. Simply Sweet A yellow vase wrapped with a pink bow holds a sweet garden-style mix of favorite flowers and greenery. Sweetest Sunrise Bouquet A silver cube vase provides a beautiful keepsake and holds a mix of stunning blooms with a combination of yellow and white hues. Don't forget that we also have plants, balloons, gift baskets and more in our Tucson flower shop and on our website.

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Flowers and Plants for Grandparents Day

Sunday, September 9th is National Grandparents Day, which is a great time to remind your grandparents that you love and appreciate them for everything they do or have done for you. If your grandparents are here in the Tucson area, it might be great to take them out for the day or visit with them. Plus, a gift of flowers or a green or blooming plant make nice gifts for your grandparents whether you hand it to them in the person or delivered if you can't make it to see them. Here are some flower and plant gift ideas for Grandparents Day from our Tucson flower shop and website: Make a Wish This bouquet offers a cheerful mix of yellow daisy chrysanthemums, purple asters, and red and orange carnations in a clear ginger vase that's been wrapped with a green plaid bow. Vivid Vivid colors like bright red, yellow, and purple make up this flower arrangement, offering a beautiful message for your grandparents on their special day. Pink Me Up This sweet bouquet consists of many types of flowers all in different shades of pink to send an affectionate message to your grandparents. Sunny Siesta This compact flower arrangement arrives in a cube vase. It's filled with sunshine-colored flowers and bold primary hues. Artful Elegance A blue contemporary glass cube vase holds an array of seasonal flowers in a rainbow of colors. How Sweet It Is This petite flower arrangement provides a mix of premium flowers in a garden style floral design. Mayfield's Monsoon Sunset This one-sided floral design features hot pink and creme roses, orange lilies, purple stock, pink hydrangea, and pink spray roses in a clear glass vase. Tucson Cube A cube vase is filled with yellow and lavender flowers, providing sunshine and cheer for your grandparents. Mayfield's Chevy Pickup Bouquet A hand-painted, hand-glazed Chevy pickup is a great keepsake gift that is sure to thrill your grandparents who most likely remember it. This container is filled with fresh, seasonal flowers. Bountiful Kalanchoe Blooming flowers like this colorful kalanchoe plant is a beautiful gift. It arrives in a ceramic pot. Terrarium Succulent Garden Large We have many sizes of terrariums. This is the largest and offers the largest array of this low-maintenance, long-lasting plant. Order today!  

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