Start the New Year Fresh and Bright with Flowers

2021 has arrived and with it is the hope that things can turn a corner for the better -- from our health to the economy. A new year always provides an opportunity to make some changes and improvements. Even though it may not seem like the ability to create change is possible due to the present circumstances, there is always something that you can do. This is the time to make some resolutions about what you would like to accomplish this year. Maybe it's about improving your health and lifestyle choices, learning something new, adding a hobby, or spending more time enjoying life. All of these resolutions and more are possible whether you are stuck at home or can go out. At your favorite Tucson flower shop, we also think it's a good time to add more flowers to your life and others. First, a new year is also a good time to freshen up your decor, especially since all the holiday decorations have come down and the house most likely looks so bare! Now, you can add in some crisp winter white florals or bright and bold flowers, including the appearance of spring flowers like tulips and more. Second, it's a good time of year to also start out being more thoughtful by remembering all those January birthdays, anniversaries, and other special occasions, helping those around you feel more loved. We have many sizes of bouquets and flower arrangements to celebrate each one of these important occasions. Our Tucson flower shop and website is ready to offer you many ways to enjoy flowers: Our Signature Collection includes some of our most popular floral designs, including those that set us apart from other floral retailers in Tucson. We have a luxury flower line that offers you premium bouquets and arrangements with numerous flowers and high-end, luxury containers. Our floral options also include various collections for special occasions like birthdays and love and romance. Our floral designers can also custom create bouquets and arrangements just for you. Call us to find out how to set up a time to speak to our floral design team. We are already getting ready for Valentine's Day, so be ready to see even more special ways you can use and send flowers to express emotions and lift spirits. Thank you for your continued support! As a Tucson small business, we treasure all of our customers and appreciate that you choose us for your floral decor and gift needs.

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Celebrate National Floral Design Day at Our Tucson Flower Shop

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Has the Best Floral Designers With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. Our award-winning floral design team is the best in Tucson, offering the most beautiful floral designs for your wedding, birthday celebration, or special event. Let's celebrate their artistry and the art of floral design together this February 28th, which is National Floral Design Day. The special day was created to honor floral design as an art form and to recognize the value floral design education plays in moving the art form forward. Come visit our Tucson flower shop and see all the different floral design choices available as well as watch our floral designers in action. We also have bulk flowers so you can try your hand at floral design and maybe even consider it as a hobby or career for yourself. You'll be able to see how floral design can transmit all types of feelings and emotions through arranging certain flowers, greenery, colors, and accents together as well as using different containers to further amplify the effect.  It's a true art form akin to painting and other creative skills. You can also celebrate National Floral Design Day by sharing your love of flowers and floral design with others on social media as well as by sending someone flowers that you care about. Why not get some flowers to enhance the beauty of your home or office, too? Here are some beautiful examples of our floral designers at work: Love Everlasting Bouquet This stunning floral design combines pink lilies, blue hydrangea, and other seasonal flowers and greenery. Tanque Verde Valley Our floral designers offer this unique floral arrangement with bright and bold colors in a glass filled with oranges. It's bursting with color. Desert Sunset Bouquet Our floral design team created this upscale floral design inspired by the local Tucson sunsets. With a mix of colors, this unique floral display showcases protea, roses, tulips, safari sunset, carnations, seeded eucalyptus, and seasonal greenery. Come see all these floral designs for yourself!      

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Start the New Year with Fresh Flowers

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Offers the Freshest Seasonal Flowers With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. Our Tucson flower shop is filled with beautiful and fresh flowers, offering a beautiful and fresh way to add this natural beauty to your home, office, or event. Adding more flowers to your life and those around you is a great way to start the new year off right. You'll be focused on appreciating the natural beauty around you plus sending out more positivity to others. Flowers are also a great gift for any occasion as you look to do more giving than receiving as one of your many goals for the year. We have a number of great fresh floral designs available in our Tucson flower shop and through our website like these beauties: Freaky Fourth Avenue Start 2020 with a bold floral display that will add warmth to your home or someone else's. This floral design hot pink roses, green cymbidium orchid blooms, orange mini rose, and succulent cuts. All of these flowers and plants are arranged in a leaf-lined glass cylinder vase. Payson Sensation Our floral design team also came up with another bold statement piece in this stunning bouquet, which has  orange Ecuadorian long-stem roses, green full-bloom hydrangea, and succulent plants. Accents include seeded eucalyptus and greenery also displayed in a leaf-lined cylinder vase. Tohono Chul Sunrise Named after a local natural wonder, this floral design combines yellow roses, full-bloom hydrangea, and succulent plants in one container for a bright touch to any room or event. Sedona Cube Also named after a beautiful Arizona natural feature, the Sedona Cube bursts with color -- from the plum glass cube vase to the bold colors of the roses, lilies, and asters along the purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice. Valentine's Day is Around the Corner! And, we are already getting ready for Valentine's Day, which is just about a month away!

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Celebrate Floral Design Day with Our Signature Flower Collection

February 28th is known as Floral Design Day. It's a special occasion day where we recognize the artistry of floral design and recognize those floral designers like our own team here in our Tucson flower shop who are so creative and have the ability to use flowers to express emotions and enhance any occasion or event like a wedding. One way we want to celebrate this upcoming special day is to showcase some of our floral design team's signature floral designs like these beauties: Brighten Her Day Our floral design team offers this signature floral design with bright colors that make it perfect for special celebrations like birthdays and job promotions. There are sunflowers, roses, carnations, light purple asters or mums, and seasonal greenery. We also offer a luxury edition of this floral design that is much larger and is sure to please. Sedona Cube This stunning floral design offers bold and deep colors. There are roses, lilies, and asters in gemstone colors of garnet as well as purple chrysanthemums and seafoam static arranged in a plum glass cube vase, creating a graceful presentation. Purple Tapestry Bouquet This gorgeous floral display illustrates the varied shades of purple and lavender with numerous varieties of flowers, depending on the season. Walk In The Garden This is a garden style floral design that contains gerbera daisies, carnations, and more in various shades of pink and purple, offering a wide range of textures, colors, and heights. Pastel Parade Pastels are the feature of this floral design for this spring bouquet that is a delight for a special gift or for a festive spring party. Be sure to visit our Tucson flower shop or website to see all of our floral designs. Or, you can work directly with our floral design team on a custom flower arrangement.  

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The Hottest and Bestselling Trends in Floral Design in Tucson, AZ

Our bestselling flower arrangements and bouquets here at our Tucson flower shop highlight some of the current floral trends in the area: The Bolder, the Better The boldest colors are one of our bestsellers. Our customers love the bright colors of summer flowers like these: Bold and Beautiful This bold beauty features roses, asters, mums, snapdragons, and gerbera daisies Mayfield's Celebrate This floral design is a celebration in a vase with bright colors and ribbons. There are hot pink roses, orange lilies, purple alstroemeria, and green button poms in a glass cube vase that has been lined with a leaf wrap. End of the Rainbow This bold floral bouquet represents the colors of the rainbow and delivers a gift that is sure to bring a bright smile. Natural, Garden-Like Setting Many customers prefer a floral design that looks as though they just picked the flowers from their garden. There is more foliage and it has a looser structure in how the flowers are arranged like these floral design examples: Mayfield's Summerhaven This is a bubble bowl that's been filled with colorful gerbera daisies in bright colors and a low compact style. Sunbright Bouquet Sunflowers are arranged in a tall vase, providing a simple, but cheerful, arrangement. Sunshine Red, yellow, and purple flowers are represented in this garden-style floral bouquet, highlighting seasonal blooms and greenery. Tight and Orderly Our customers also like flower arrangements that are structured and bunched together in a very formal design look. La Encantada Fashionista This elegant floral display contains roses, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea. Citrus Kissed This tall arrangement features citrus colors and seasonal blooms like roses. Houghton Grace This structured flower arrangement contins roses and alstroemeria as well as snapdragons and bells of Ireland. Come see all of these for yourself in our Tucson flower shop or online under Bestsellers! Each one is perfect for a special occasion or gift!    

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Floral Design Day in Tucson

Each year, February 28th is recognized as Floral Design Day. This is an opportunity to recognize the talent and artistry that goes into floral design around the country. It's also a time to promote floral design education. We take this time to also recognize our floral designers for the amazing work they do in our Tucson flower shop. we have the best floral designers in town. Thanks to their creativity and hard work, we've been recognized many times as one of the favorite Tucson flower shops. To illustrate incredible Floral Design on this special day and highlight the talents of our floral design team, check out these flower arrangements from our Signature Design collection: Brighten Her Day This is a stunning example of a garden style floral design with bright colors and many popular flower varieties. Sedona Cube Reflective of the sunset on the Red Rocks of Sedona, this cube flower design includes roses, lilies, and asters in a plum glass cube vase. There are also purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice. Purple Tapestry Bouquet This is a incredibly elegant floral design with a range of purple and lavender flowers. Sparkling Sunshine Bouquet This flower arrangement features many shades of yellow. There are sunflowers, alstroemeria, solidago, and spray roses to brighten your day. Pastel Parade This is a way to welcome spring with a sweet and inspiring floral design with multiple colors and blooms. Brighten Her Day Luxury This is a larger style flower arrangement that is considered luxurious for its size and number of premium blooms. Walk In The Garden This is another example of a garden floral design. It contains gerbera daisies, carnations, and other pink and purple flowers. Come meet our floral design team and thank them for their beautiful work. You can also schedule an appointment to work directly with them on a custom bouquet or custom flower arrangement for an upcoming special occasion or event.

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