International Day of Friendship is July 30th

On July 30th, it is time to celebrate all the special friendships you have, near and far, that enrich your life. Whether they are here in Tucson or across the country, your friends provide support whenever you need them. That is priceless. Now, it's time to honor them with a special gift like flowers from our Tucson flower shop. Check out these beautiful ways to express your friendship: A Dozen Pink Roses Pink symbolizes affection so this arrangement of 12 long-stemmed pink roses is perfect for your bestie. Always a Lady This floral display combines roses and lilies in a feminine vase for a stunning gift. You're Golden Sunflower Bouquet Sunflowers are a cheerful way to celebrate friendship and had something beautiful in your friend's life. Epic Day In Tucson This flower arrangement includes sunflowers, orange lilies, pink roses, green poms, and orange alstroemeria. The flowers arrive in a cylindrical, clear glass vase. Garden Parade This garden style floral design features primary colors and a wide array of seasonal flowers. It's a great gift for any friend. Lavish Love Bouquet with Long Stemmed Red Roses Our floral design team created this extraordinary bouquet. It has red roses and pink lilies as well as seasonal greenery in a glass vase. Yavapai Twilight This beautiful flower arrangement is designed to reflect the colors of the Grand Canyon at twilight. It's a beautiful mix of radiant flower colors and blooms in a glass vase. Mayfield's All Eyes On You This one-sided style bouquet features hot pink flowers along with purple hues in a hand-blown bubble glass vase. Mayfield's Stunning Stargazers Send an incredible display of stargazer lilies to your special friends. They will be amazed by the sheer beauty of all the blooms included. Order today at our Tucson flower shop, call us, or visit our website. Remember that we also have greeting cards, balloons, plants, and other special gifts so you can customize your gifts for the International Day of Friendship.

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The Hottest and Bestselling Trends in Floral Design in Tucson, AZ

Our bestselling flower arrangements and bouquets here at our Tucson flower shop highlight some of the current floral trends in the area: The Bolder, the Better The boldest colors are one of our bestsellers. Our customers love the bright colors of summer flowers like these: Bold and Beautiful This bold beauty features roses, asters, mums, snapdragons, and gerbera daisies Mayfield's Celebrate This floral design is a celebration in a vase with bright colors and ribbons. There are hot pink roses, orange lilies, purple alstroemeria, and green button poms in a glass cube vase that has been lined with a leaf wrap. End of the Rainbow This bold floral bouquet represents the colors of the rainbow and delivers a gift that is sure to bring a bright smile. Natural, Garden-Like Setting Many customers prefer a floral design that looks as though they just picked the flowers from their garden. There is more foliage and it has a looser structure in how the flowers are arranged like these floral design examples: Mayfield's Summerhaven This is a bubble bowl that's been filled with colorful gerbera daisies in bright colors and a low compact style. Sunbright Bouquet Sunflowers are arranged in a tall vase, providing a simple, but cheerful, arrangement. Sunshine Red, yellow, and purple flowers are represented in this garden-style floral bouquet, highlighting seasonal blooms and greenery. Tight and Orderly Our customers also like flower arrangements that are structured and bunched together in a very formal design look. La Encantada Fashionista This elegant floral display contains roses, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea. Citrus Kissed This tall arrangement features citrus colors and seasonal blooms like roses. Houghton Grace This structured flower arrangement contins roses and alstroemeria as well as snapdragons and bells of Ireland. Come see all of these for yourself in our Tucson flower shop or online under Bestsellers! Each one is perfect for a special occasion or gift!    

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Flowers and Gifts for Special July Days

July is full of those special days that recognize family members each of which should be celebrated for adding to your life and providing support. These special July days include Parent's Day on July 22nd, Cousin's Day on July 24th, Aunt and Uncle Day on July 26th, and Father-in-Law Day on July 30th. Here are some gift ideas from our floral and gift collections that you can order at our Tucson flower shop or through our website: Purple Tapestry Bouquet This flower arrangement includes a number of purple flower varieties in a purple vase. Sunny Day Pitcher of Sunflowers This bright and bold display includes a yellow keepsake pitcher that has been filled with large sunflowers. Mayfield's Summerhaven This floral display offers a bubble bowl that has been filled with colorful gerbera daisies in an array of bright colors. Money Tree Send your loved ones this green plant that comes in a ceramic container or a woven basket. It's known to bring good luck to the recipient. Mayfield's Fruit Basket This healthy gift basket shows you care. It offers seasonal fruit along with other savory snacks like crackers and cheese. There are different sizes available. Wildcat Snack Basket Fill up a hungry wildcat with this basket full of snacks that includes popcorn, candy, soda, and chips. Bon Vivant Gourmet Basket This large gift basket contains a sizable amount of fresh fruit and gourmet goodies that the entire family can share on any special day. Check out the many other flower arrangements, bouquets, custom flower arrangements, dish and basket gardens, and seasonal gifts that we have available online and in our Tucson flower shop today!    

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Our Rose Sale Continues Through Labor Day!

Our rose promotion during June, also known as National Rose Month, was so popular at our Tucson flower shop that we decided to continue it through Labor Day. You'll be able to get two dozen roses for the price of one dozen in available colors and while supplies last! Here are some other extraordinary rose arrangements from our Tucson florist location: Red & Pink Roses Our floral design team has combined red and pink Ecuadorian long-stem roses with seasonal greenery in a  glass vase. Blossoms in Vogue This brilliant floral display offers numerous roses, including orange roses and hot pink spray roses along with a variety of foliage. Never Let Go Enjoy a stunning rose arrangement with red roses and lavender accents. It's ideal for showing your love or as a centerpiece for a summer wedding. Rose Rapture This rose arrangement includes roses and spray roses with lavender, pink, and light pink hues. Morning Melody Shades of purple highlight this rose arrangement along with beautiful ribbon accents and greenery. Rose Rendezvous Bouquet A silver cube vase contains a mix of pink and lavender roses as well as seasonal greenery. Mayfield's Sunrise Splendor This sunshine floral display comes with 24 roses in shades of orange, light orange, and dark orange that are arranged in a flared vase. Visit our Tucson flower shop today to see all of our roses. You can also order by phone and through our website for local Tucson delivery as well as national delivery on most items.

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