M5Our bestselling flower arrangements and bouquets here at our Tucson flower shop highlight some of the current floral trends in the area:

The Bolder, the Better

The boldest colors are one of our bestsellers. Our customers love the bright colors of summer flowers like these:

Bold and Beautiful

This bold beauty features roses, asters, mums, snapdragons, and gerbera daisies

Mayfield’s Celebrate

This floral design is a celebration in a vase with bright colors and ribbons. There are hot pink roses, orange lilies, purple alstroemeria, and green button poms in a glass cube vase that has been lined with a leaf wrap.

End of the Rainbow

This bold floral bouquet represents the colors of the rainbow and delivers a gift that is sure to bring a bright smile.

Natural, Garden-Like SettingFlowers 2

Many customers prefer a floral design that looks as though they just picked the flowers from their garden. There is more foliage and it has a looser structure in how the flowers are arranged like these floral design examples:

Mayfield’s Summerhaven

This is a bubble bowl that’s been filled with colorful gerbera daisies in bright colors and a low compact style.

Sunbright Bouquet

Sunflowers are arranged in a tall vase, providing a simple, but cheerful, arrangement.


Red, yellow, and purple flowers are represented in this garden-style floral bouquet, highlighting seasonal blooms and greenery.

Tight and OrderlyM3

Our customers also like flower arrangements that are structured and bunched together in a very formal design look.

La Encantada Fashionista

This elegant floral display contains roses, gerbera daisies, and hydrangea.

Citrus Kissed

This tall arrangement features citrus colors and seasonal blooms like roses.

Houghton Grace

This structured flower arrangement contins roses and alstroemeria as well as snapdragons and bells of Ireland.

Come see all of these for yourself in our Tucson flower shop or online under Bestsellers! Each one is perfect for a special occasion or gift!