Celebrating Poinsettia Day in Tucson

As a national holiday, Poinsettia Day celebrates the symbol of Christmas and encourages others to get into the holiday spirit. Poinsettia Day is Wednesday, December 12th so now is the time to order poinsettia plants from our Tucson flower shop for your home or business or as a gift for a client, family member, friend, or colleague. A poinsettia plant also makes a thoughtful gift for a service person like the gardener, pool technician, mail carrier, or housecleaner. Besides our offering of red or white poinsettia plants in an array of container choices, we also offer other arrangements that have poinsettias. Here are some ideas from our poinsettia collection: Red Poinsettia Basket This is a large basket that contains multiple red poinsettia plants. It's a great addition to your holiday decor but also makes a statement gift for someone special. Holiday Homecoming Basket This Christmas basket is just one example of the custom baskets we can make using poinsettia plants. The holiday basket has a red poinsettia, white cyclamen, green pothos, and variegated dieffenbachia displayed in a natural handled basket. Order through our Tucson flower shop or online through our website today! Poinsettia Care Once you get your poinsettia plant, there are some simple plant maintenance tips that you can use to keep it going throughout the year so that even continues to bloom during future holiday seasons. First, give it plenty of sunlight because it is actually considered to be a tropical plant. That means it also likes humidity, warmth, and regular watering. In the springtime, give your poinsettia some food, transplant it to a bigger container, and continue giving it water and sunshine. In the fall, put it in darkness to stop it from blooming too early. Then, when winter nears, you can fertilize it and bring it out into the sunshine to promote growth and blooming.