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Now that the holidays are over, it is a perfect time to thank that hospitable person that hosted family and friends in their home. If you found yourself invited to someone’s home for a delightful holiday gathering, expressing your gratitude to the host is not only courteous but also an opportunity to show appreciation for their hospitality. One thoughtful and timeless gesture is to send a gift of Host Thank You Flowers. In this blog post, we will explore tips and ideas for choosing the perfect holiday host thank you flowers.








Considering the Host’s Personal Taste

When selecting flowers for your host, it is essential to consider their personal taste and style. Think about the colors and types of flowers they may prefer. Do they have a favorite flower or a specific color palette that resonates with them? Taking the time to research their preferences can make the gift even more meaningful. To add an extra touch of festivity, consider incorporating holiday-themed elements into the floral arrangement. Think about using traditional holiday colors like red, green, and gold. You can also add elements like pinecones, holly berries, or ornaments to embrace the holiday spirit. This thoughtful approach will not only brighten their home but also add to the overall festive ambiance.

Longevity of the Flowers

Choose flowers that will last throughout the holiday season, allowing your host to enjoy their beauty for an extended period. Choose flowers with a longer vase life, such as orchids, carnations, or chrysanthemums. Including hardy greens like eucalyptus or evergreen branches can also enhance the longevity of the arrangement. To ensure the flowers stay fresh, advise your host on simple care tips, such as changing the water every few days and trimming the stems at an angle. These small gestures will help maintain the vibrancy and vitality of the flowers.

Allergies and Sensitivities

While flowers are a delightful gift, it is important to be mindful of any allergies or sensitivities your host may have. If you are uncertain, opt for hypoallergenic flowers such as roses, sunflowers, or daisies. Alternatively, consider a potted plant or a bouquet of fragrant, allergy-friendly flowers like hydrangeas or irises.

Special Offers and Promotions
During the holiday season, many florists and online flower delivery services offer special promotions or discount codes. Keep an eye out for these offers to ensure you not only express your gratitude but also do so at an affordable price. These promotions can make it easier to select a gorgeous arrangement without breaking the bank.


Choosing the right flowers as a gesture of appreciation to your holiday host can leave a lasting impression and convey your heartfelt gratitude. By considering the host’s personal taste, incorporating holiday elements, selecting long-lasting flowers, and being mindful of allergies, your floral gift will become a cherished symbol of appreciation. Remember, the act of giving goes beyond the physical gift itself—it is a reflection of warmth, gratitude, and the joy of the holiday season. So, take the time to choose the perfect floral arrangement for your holiday host, and let your heartfelt thanks blossom alongside the beauty of the flowers.



Mayfield Florist Offers Incredibly Fresh Thank You Flowers for All Occasions Including Host Thank You Flowers

Mayfield Florist has been serving customers in Tucson since 1982. We are a second generation, family owned and operated floral design firm. Our company was started by our mom, Patsy. Our floral design staff is one of the very best in Arizona. They are known for their unique, artistic floral designs. We love to create luxurious, upscale flower arrangements. Custom flower design is available.

Roses are the number one bestselling flower in the United States. Florists sell almost twice as many roses as any other product that they offer. Roses have a rich history and a distinctive flower shape, which make them well-suited for both formal and casual arrangements. They are classified as members of the genus Rosa, which includes over 100 different species of rose. Roses are grown around the world in temperate climates, and they can be found growing wild in some regions. Some of the most beautiful roses come from Columbia and Ecuador, followed closely by Californian grown roses.

Roses have five petals and a thorned stem (called a peduncle). The petals typically range from white to red or pink in color, with some varieties having yellow or orange petals as well. The color of roses depends on their variety, but they typically have a slight scent that smells like honey or vanilla.

Roses have been cultivated for centuries because they are easy to grow from cuttings or seeds. Growers often use hybridization techniques to create new varieties of roses that feature more intensely colored flowers than those found naturally occurring in nature. Many hybridized roses are bred specifically for their large size and strong fragrance rather than their natural beauty

The Best-Selling Flowers Annually

1. Roses, 2.5 billion stems

2. Tulips, 1.4 billion stems

3. Lilies, 1 billion stems

4. Carnations, 0.8 billion stems

5. Daisies, 0.7 billion stems

6. Orchids, 0.6 billion stems

Holland tulips are a type of flower that originated in the Netherlands. They are characterized by their large, colorful petals and their ability to bloom for a long period of time. Holland tulips are used primarily in floral arrangements, but they can also be used for other types of decorations and for herbal medicine. The flowers have a number of different uses, including:

– Floral Arrangements: Holland tulips are one of the most popular types of flowers used in floral arrangements. They are usually used as centerpieces or accents because they last longer than other types of flowers. When used as an accent, they may be placed in a vase or basket with other flowers that will not last as long.

– Decorations: Holland tulips can also be used as decorations around your home or office. You can use them on tables as part of an arrangement or on shelves to decorate bookshelves or other surfaces. You can also use them to add color to your home décor when you don’t want to invest too much money into buying expensive art pieces or furniture items.

– Herbal Medicine: Holland tulips are known for their healing properties because they contain vitamin C, beta carotene (a precursor for vitamin A), calcium and phosphorus.

Lilies are the third most frequently sold flower. They are often utilized in floral design, generally mixed into arrangements that include other beautiful floral varieties. They’re a lovely way to add color and texture to any arrangement, and they’re especially popular in weddings.

Lilies come in many different varieties, including Stargazers, Oriental lilies, Crinum lilies, and Madonna lily. Each variety has its own unique look and feel that makes it perfect for specific types of floral arrangements. For example, Stargazer lilies are long-stemmed with large heads that open up slowly over time, making them ideal for use in large arrangements. On the other hand, Oriental lilies have smaller heads that open up quickly and close as soon as they’re done blooming—which makes them great for smaller arrangements or when you need a lot of flowers at once.

Stargazer lilies are a hybrid of two types of lilies: the Asiatic and Oriental. They have long, slender stems, which can grow to be over five feet tall. The blooms are large and fragrant, with strong colors that include shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, purple and white.

Stargazer lilies are often used in floral arrangements because they have a very long vase life. This means that they can stay looking fresh for up to 10 days after being cut from the plant or purchased at a florist shop. Their fragrance is also very strong and lasts for a long time after the flower has been cut or picked from the garden.

Peonies are a beautiful and versatile flower, easily recognized by their large, trumpet-shaped petals. They have a short vase life, but they’re so beautiful that you can use them in arrangements for several days after they first arrive.

Peonies can come in a variety of colors, including pink, red, white and purple. They usually bloom in mid-spring to early summer. Because of their short vase life, it’s best to buy them fresh from the store or garden center when you need them. You can also order them online if you’re having trouble finding them locally.

When it comes to designing with peonies, there are many things you can do! One way to get creative is by adding other flowers into your design. For example, try using roses instead of peonies for an elegant look that will last longer than just one day!

Thank you Flowers

Nature’s Dreams

Cast a little love with this peach, organic style arrangement. Ecuadorian garden roses, spray roses and South American hydrangea are arranged with organic accents in a rustic wooden box to create a warm and cozy look perfect for a country setting!


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