Celebrate Artistry and Creativity on Floral Design Day

Floral Design Day was created decades ago and made official as a national special occasion and awareness day in 1995. The intent has always been to showcase the artistry of floral designers in arranging flowers, greenery, and accents for gifts, decor, and events. Every year, it's celebrated on February 28th and is an opportunity to thank your floral designer, buy and give flowers, and try your hand at arranging flowers. The artistry and expression that goes into floral design creates a positive message and makes the designer and the recipient feel great. We truly believe we have the best floral designers in Tucson and it shows in all of our flower collections, including our fresh flowers and bestsellers. These floral designs are our most requested and offer something for every occasion, budget, and recipient. You can also work directly with our floral designers and experience the artistic process they go through to create a custom floral design for you or a loved one. Doing so not only creates something exclusive for you or your recipient, but you also can gain new appreciation for what goes into creating a floral design and floral placement. Besides buying flowers and sending your appreciation to our floral designers, there are other ways to celebrate Floral Design Day here in Tucson. The first is to try an in-person or virtual floral design workshop. You'll be able to see what it takes to get creative with flowers and greenery. You can also plant flowers in your own garden or add hanging baskets to your porch or balcony. There's also an opportunity to work in a community garden and give back to nature for what they so generously give us. Another idea for Floral Design Day is to do something else artistic with floral motifs. You can use flowers in crafts like stained glass, knitting, needlework, coloring, and painting. These are other opportunities to show the beauty of flowers and how much you appreciate their symbolism and messages. Our Tucson flower shop is here to help with all your flower needs, and we do appreciate the ongoing support all of you have shown us throughout the years, especially last year and into this year. Look for more new floral designs to come for Spring, Easter, weddings, and the holiday season.    

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Floral Design Day in Tucson

Each year, February 28th is recognized as Floral Design Day. This is an opportunity to recognize the talent and artistry that goes into floral design around the country. It's also a time to promote floral design education. We take this time to also recognize our floral designers for the amazing work they do in our Tucson flower shop. we have the best floral designers in town. Thanks to their creativity and hard work, we've been recognized many times as one of the favorite Tucson flower shops. To illustrate incredible Floral Design on this special day and highlight the talents of our floral design team, check out these flower arrangements from our Signature Design collection: Brighten Her Day This is a stunning example of a garden style floral design with bright colors and many popular flower varieties. Sedona Cube Reflective of the sunset on the Red Rocks of Sedona, this cube flower design includes roses, lilies, and asters in a plum glass cube vase. There are also purple chrysanthemums and seafoam statice. Purple Tapestry Bouquet This is a incredibly elegant floral design with a range of purple and lavender flowers. Sparkling Sunshine Bouquet This flower arrangement features many shades of yellow. There are sunflowers, alstroemeria, solidago, and spray roses to brighten your day. Pastel Parade This is a way to welcome spring with a sweet and inspiring floral design with multiple colors and blooms. Brighten Her Day Luxury This is a larger style flower arrangement that is considered luxurious for its size and number of premium blooms. Walk In The Garden This is another example of a garden floral design. It contains gerbera daisies, carnations, and other pink and purple flowers. Come meet our floral design team and thank them for their beautiful work. You can also schedule an appointment to work directly with them on a custom bouquet or custom flower arrangement for an upcoming special occasion or event.

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