Mayfield’s Wedding Flowers Fit New Wedding Formats

COVID-19 has changed many parts of our lives, including weddings. Now that weddings are starting to happen again, it's time to start planning for these lifetime memory moments. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention, group gatherings are restricted to less than 50 persons. Federal guidelines suggest that these gatherings should include no more than 10. That means a wedding in Tucson may look quite different than how they had been hosted. Now, there are more intimate wedding settings in churches, backyards, and outdoor settings. Others can participate virtually by watching a livestream or recorded version later on. There are so many things to now think about that may not have been part of weddings previously. This includes taking extra precautions like adding contactless faucets, sanitation stations, and cleaning and sanitizing everything related to what a vendor offers for the wedding. Vendors are now adding gloves and masks as well as preparing any employee to adhere to these standards while on-site at the wedding venues.    There are also changes to catering and wedding menu options. Everything has to consider these new safety precautions. The movement is now away from buffet and family-style options to entree options and served food versus anything passed or offered on a table. Wedding formats for the ceremony and reception also must consider the social distancing rules. This will also change how wedding flowers are designed and arranged. As favorite florists in Tucson, we are wedding flower specialists experienced with all types of weddings, including these small and intimate outdoor weddings. Some of the examples we've seen and help with include creating a circular or half-moon format for the wedding ceremony that accommodates the need to spread guests out more. For these wedding ceremonies, we are prepared to help showcase wedding flowers in a way that continues to enhance the overall wedding experience.  What we see with our wedding planning assistance is more personalized wedding experiences that are even more about the bride and groom on their special day. We are here to help you navigate these new wedding formats. Check out our wedding flower website and contact us today and start planning your wedding today. We help with all wedding flowers and floral designs. Volume 0%                            

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Start Planning Your Wedding Day on Proposal Day!

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Offers Wedding Planning Services With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. We have an incredible team of floral designers and wedding and event consultants that want to make your special day as special as possible. Today is the perfect day to get started. March 20th is National Proposal Day, a day that was created to celebrate the commitments we make to our significant others by recognizing it formally through engagement and marriage. It provides an anchor for families and communities everywhere. We are here to get you started on wedding planning and will stay with you all the way until you finish your big day. To help you start the process, be sure to check out our exclusive wedding flower website that we created as separate to our regular flower service website. On this website, you will find a portfolio that showcases the previous wedding flowers we have created. There is a diverse gallery that shows seasonal weddings, themed weddings, different sizes of weddings, and unique wedding styles. You can feel confident about what we do and get ideas for your own wedding. The website also includes a convenient way to reserve your free wedding consultation, including a phone and email address that helps you get it scheduled. Once you have scheduled your consultation, you will be able to come in and sit down with our floral designers and consultants, see what we can do for you, discuss floral design ideas and packages, and learn about our one-on-one service for your wedding. You can see examples of wedding flowers for ceremonies, receptions, wedding parties, and cakes. It's never too early to start planning your wedding even if you don't have it scheduled or won't hold it until this summer or beyond. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Schedule Your Free Wedding Consultation During National Weddings Month

Mayfield Florist Tucson's Flower Shop Offers a Free Wedding Flower and Planning Consultation Service With two flower shops in Tucson, Arizona to serve customers along with a convenient mobile-friendly floral and gift website, we are focused on giving you the best value, service, variety, and quality for your event or occasion. Think of us for every special occasion in Tucson, including your wedding. Our floral design team and wedding planners can help make that dream day a reality. February may be known for Valentine's Day, but it's also been designated as National Weddings Month due, in part, to the number of engagements and weddings that take place during this month of romance. We're here to help you get started on wedding planning with a free wedding consultation in our Tucson flower shop. To get you ready or this fun experience, be sure to start out by visiting our wedding website. On this website, you'll find a gallery of other Tucson brides we've helped, including pictures of their ceremony and reception flowers, cake flowers, and bouquet and wedding party flowers. Also, we've created separate pages that provide more tips and visuals for various aspects of your big day where you need to think about how to enhance those moments with flowers. You may see something you like or want to adapt just by looking at these website photos. You can then provide these as examples when you meet with your wedding consultant to facilitate the process of how we might help you. Each wedding consultation provides information on our process and packages, how we work with the local venues, and how you can reach out to us with questions or changes. After all, our goal is to make this aspect of your wedding planning as enjoyable as possible. Our wedding planning website also has a contact page with an online form so you can get started on your wedding planning process with us. The information you provide on this form can help us be ready to sit down with you and hear your ideas but also share our thoughts based on the venue and other details you've provided. Let's get started!

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